I'm Yours

Well, this is about Violet Jones (25 years old) and Maroon 5's frontman Adam Levine. It is actually a love story, and it shows little by little how have the characters developed through the past without actually being in the past. So it kinda goes in a random time. Anyway, the funny thing is whether or not they will end together, cause even if it seems they might do it, I'm not quite sure if they will. Hope you like it, please comment and everything so I can keep it up :)


1. March 18, 2013


-Violet's POV-


"Who's Violet Jones?" I heard.

I barely saw the girly figure next to me and raised my hand for her to see me. She nodded and added "It's almost your turn." I tried to nod and opened my Twitter. I began to see photos of my friend Alice... she looks so funny in some of them. Anyway, I was actually making faces to my phone when began to hear "Ms. Jones...? Ms. Jones…"

I turned immediately to the sound and found a slightly worried secretary trying to get my attention.

"Sorry?" I replied as soon as I looked at her.

"It's your turn" I froze for a second, trying to figure out where her accent was from, then she pointed at the door of an open office.

"Oh, I'm sorry" I grabbed my things and smiled to her.

"Good luck" she whispered.


When I got into this office I saw a man in a suit. He looked quite professional, but nothing that would scare me. "Have a seat" he said.

"Thank you" I sat and tried to look at my phone with the corner of my eye. This interview was important, but I had just seen a thing much worse.

"So tell me Ms. Jones, why do you think you'll work well on this company?"

I stuttered a little as I saw a picture of him. "Happy birthday @adamlevine" it said, and that just broke my soul. "I- I think that my skills…" I was mumbling, and not even myself could listen to what I was trying to say.

"Excuse me?"

I had just forgotten the date. March 18th. Fucking March 18. I was broken again. The man looked at me, he was beginning to understand I wasn't doing well. "Ms. Jones? Are you okay?" Everything ran in slow-motion. It was senseless… how could a single sight of him, and not even physical meeting, make me feel so… so bad? Tears began to form in my eyes; I had just enough time to stand and run outside before the streams began to flow.

People stared at me as I walked full of tears, but I didn't care anyway. I sat on a park bench and finally let all my pain go away. Because I knew it, this wasn't sadness at all, this is real pain going down from my eyes. Then, after an hour or so, Alice called me. I did my best to answer.

"Hello?" My voice was kinda cracked, I was sure Alice would know I was crying.

"Hey, how did the interview go?"


"Oh… what happened?"

"It was actually going well, but then…" Just the thought of him made my body shake, I got speechless.


My heart was racing so fast it may have escaped from my chest. My breath was getting hoarser.

"Vio, listen to me. There's no reason for you to feel like this; that bastard should not be remembered!"

"But he…"

"But nothing! Let him go; it was enough with braking your heart!"

I tried to calm myself. Alice was right, Adam was gone, and I had to get over him. 

"Go home, I'll be there in 20"

I took an deep breath and agreed. On my way home, the man form the interview called me. He was wondering how I was and what could trouble me like that. I tried not to remember and said it was a problem I had with my family earlier. He seemed pleased with the answer and offered me a second chance for the job. He also added that my curriculum gave high expectations from me, so he was amazed of my previous behavior.

I got home few time before Alice did. She came with caramel ice cream, my favorite, and some other stuff.

"Why did all this happen? Did you see him?"

I embraced the pillow next to me while Alice served the ice cream. "No… it's cause today… today it's his birthday…"

"That bastard… he shouldn't be alive"

"Don't say those things… Maybe he should, but you don't have to say it… or mean it… I heard that brought bad luck"

"Then may all the bad luck fall on me, cause he should be dead!" Her tone hurt me a little bit. I was actually thinking the same somehow, but hearing it from someone else made me think of how much I would miss him if he wad completely out of this world.

"*sight* I don't know, Alice. Right now I feel like there's nothing inside..."

She brought the ice cream and gave me a hug; I really needed it. "I don't like you to be like this, not again."

"It's all coming back..."

"I know…"

Right then my phone rang. I saw the screen quickly and read "Do not answer". My heart seemed to be out of control, and my breath poured in bursts out of my lungs. Alice noticed this and looked immediately at the phone. 

"No way!" She said.

I stood up and ran to my room. The last thing I was able to listen was the door closing behind me, before tears flew back again.

-Alice's POV-


Oh dear God! Should I answer? Think, think, think! I answered the phone and made a though decision on whether to say something or not…




"I'm sorry, is this her number?"

"Yes, but you should not call her!"


"What you did was wrong! You hurt her badly"

"Sorry? Who's talking?"

"Doesn't matter, just listen to me, do not call her again. You don't deserve her!" I was so angry that I hung off the phone. Then I called out for Vio to come out.

"I don't want to see him" She cried.

"And you won't. But c'mon, at least get out…"

She opened the door and hugged me. I did the same thing back, then I tried to comfort her until she finally stopped crying.

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