Remember me

Ally was your everyday teenage until she found out she had to move cause her mums job,at her new school she soon realise that her summer love Harry Styles goes to the same school as her, Will he remember her and will one or two of Harry's frinds fall for her as well along the way?


1. New school

Ally pov:

My name is Alexandra porter but everyone cause me Ally for short,I have strawberry blonde hair and I have greeny bluey eyes,I'm pretty skinny cause I play heaps of sports. Anyways Today is going to be the first day at a new school,once again I have to go another school and be the new kid all over again i have to go to a new school because my mums job because she works in the navy she has to got to heaps of places and drag me and my little sister Georgia along with her.My dad passed away a couple of months ago he was in a car accident and the family hasn't really been family since then.

At school

First up I had maths,great this would be fun cause I hate maths,as I was walking to maths i tripped over and fell onto this guy taking them down with me." I'm so sorry, I'm very clumsy "I said without looking at who it was." Haha it's okay,let me help you up" he said. He put out his hand to help me up,as I got up I looked at him he had the most beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair and he had a Irish accent.Thank you, I'm Ally by the way I'm new here I said with a smile,Anytime and I'm Niall, what class do you have first? He said with a smile on his face.Maths I said, his face became really happy and he said me too,we went to maths but we were a bit late cause the whole falling over thing,In maths I sat next Niall cause he was the only person I knew, I got into a bit of trouble in maths but what's new.Niall is so nice and really funny and he has such a cute laugh like omg.At lunch I decide to hanged out with Niall and his friends,As I went to sit down at table with Niall, one by one his friends came first came his friends called Louis and Zayn  and they sat down at the table and we said our hello's and got to now each other a bit more,Then another boy called Liam and Danielle which  I'm guessing is his girlfriend cause there were holding hands as they sat down and niall told them who i was and then we all start to talk about each other, Niall wishperd in my ear "there the schools sweethearts" and pointed to liam and danielle.Then last of Nialls friends started to come up to the table at first i couldn't see his face but then when he came closer I soon realised that is was Harry Styles my summer love a couple of years when I went to Paris with my family,me and Harry had a summer romance in Paris,it was the best summer of my life,the last day we were in Paris it was hard to say goodbye to Harry,The last thing I ever said to harry was dont forget me.

 I was stunned I didn't believe it was actually him before he even sat down, I just got up and ran as fast i could to get home,i just need to go home, I dont want to see Harry right now cause I just cant handle it right now, i dont really care that I ditched school cause i do it all the time so i dont get into trouble that much anymore cause my mum doesnt really care that much about me anymore. When I finally made it home I went straight to my bedroom and thought about what happened,Was it really Harry? But what I really wanted to know if he remembered me.


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