Remember me

Ally was your everyday teenage until she found out she had to move cause her mums job,at her new school she soon realise that her summer love Harry Styles goes to the same school as her, Will he remember her and will one or two of Harry's frinds fall for her as well along the way?


2. Harry do you remember me?

Ally pov:

Today is the day I'm gonna go to school and ask Harry if he remembers me, I keep telling my self this over and over in my head,it has been a week since I been at school and I decide I can't just hide away in my room forever.when I get to school I'm late again and of course I just had to have maths straight up but at least Niall was in the same class as me.As I walked in I got asked why I was late by the teacher, I didn't reply and just went and sat next to Niall.

Niall pov:

I was sitting down playing on my phone and then the door opens and I look to see who it was and was Ally,she is so beautiful! I think I have fell for her, actually I don't think I know I have I want her to be my princess but first I just want to know why did she run away when she saw Harry and why she hasn't been at school for a week but I guess I'll have to ask her And see if she will answer my questions.

Ally pov:

It is finally lunch and thank god,I couldn't stand one more minute in that class.Me and Niall are pretty close now I trust him with everything but i don't know if ill tell him about how my dad is dead just yet,I don't know I just have this feeling about him and I just guess I have his connection with him that I can't really explain.When we walk to the table everyone is there even Harry I decide to sit next to Niall and Harry.Harry turns to face me and says to me didn't get to introduce my self I'm Harry Styles he says with a wink after looking at me up and down.I'm Ally Porter I say with a smile.Then he says wait have we met before cause I think I know? I say to myself it's now of never,I decide to speak up and say Harry can i talk to you for a second in private, he said sure with a little smirk on his face, I grab his hand and lead him to somewhere private. Then told him about the summer romance that we had in Paris those couple of years he just stood there shocked. He didn't say anything, so then I did It,i asked him the question I wanted to know the most I asked him "Harry do you you remember me?" 

Harry pov:

She asked me if I remember her and of course I did, I remember she was my beautiful Ally,I remember  much I loved her and how she changed my life and how I told her that one day we would met her again and that day was today I would meet my love but will everything be like it was cause I know Niall likes her you can see it when he looks at her but does she like he like as well? In all of my thoughts I finally say yes I do remember you and give her and a tight hug and  not wanting to let her go ever again.

Ally pov:

He remembers me,After all this years I get to see my hazza again, I just hope we can go make to what we were like when we were in Paris but I sorta falling for Niall .


auther note:

comment who you think ally should end up with Niall the guy she has just met but trust him with everything and has a connection with or Harry her summer love  

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