Over Again

Imagine being an international pop star all your life. Not knowing who to trust. Or not even knowing who's your friend. This is the story of a firl. She's gone through much.
Name: Allison
Nickname: Ale
Stagename: L.A.
Hobby: International popstar
Secret: To be revealed
Love: You'll know soon.
Enjoy !!!!!! :D


19. Surprised by a Leprechaun

It is probably the guys. I said excited. 

Ok. Um, I'll be down in a second. He said.

Alright. With that said I went downstairs and opened the door. There before my eyes stood a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Every different color and size. There were daisies, roses, sunflowers, and my favorite tulips. The guys were hidden behind the flowers. Then I saw the leprechaun pop out. 

Niall's pov:

Before heading over to Harry's place I went to a flower store and brought the most prettiest bouquet of flowers. I wanted to surprise Ale. Finally I headed over. The lads were still getting ready so I went alone. I don't know why, but I was very nervous. When I arrived I knocked on the door. Moments later I saw Ale open the door. I couldn't quite see her. 

I see you leprechaun. She said.

Umm, hey how are you. I said.

The flowers just talked. She said sarcastically. 

No, it's me. I told her while moving the big bunch of flowers out of my face. 

Hey handsome. She said laughing. 

Hey. I responded. Wow you look amazing. Like really really pretty. 

Thanks Niall. You're so sweet. She said while blushing.

You're welcome.

Oh and by the way you look rather good yourself. She told me.

Thanks. Where's Harry? I asked. 

Oh, he's upstairs. She responded. Then the door swung open. The boys stood right there, mouth opened, and even.... drooling? Liam was the first to speak.

Wow love you look..... wow.

Yes you look amazing. Zayn said.

You look soo pretty. Louis said.

Stop guys you're all making me blush.


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