Over Again

Imagine being an international pop star all your life. Not knowing who to trust. Or not even knowing who's your friend. This is the story of a firl. She's gone through much.
Name: Allison
Nickname: Ale
Stagename: L.A.
Hobby: International popstar
Secret: To be revealed
Love: You'll know soon.
Enjoy !!!!!! :D


20. Kisses, Hugs, and Running.

But we are dead serious. You look amazing. Liam said with a slight smile across his face.

Thanks. Ale said.

Who gave you those flowers? Zayn asked.

Oh the leprechaun here did. She said pointing towards me. 

Can we come in? Louis asked.

Oh, of course. I'm so sorry.

It's ok. If you give of a hug and kiss. Liam responded. Was he flirting. He better not be!!! 

Umm, of course come here. She let us come in one by one. First me. Hug and kiss (on the cheek). Then Zayn, hug and kiss. Then Liam, really long hug and kiss. Finally Louis. She was going over to hug her when he started running around like a mad man.

No you can't get me! He cried out and started running.

Louis Tomlinson get over here right now. She screamed chasing him. I followed her because I didn't want her to fall, since she was wearing high heels. Surprisingly she caught up to him and and pushed him hard enough to make him fall.

Ooowwww. That hurt. Louis screamed. 

Omg. Im so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. Ale said apologetically. She bent over to see if Louis was ok.

Omg Louis im so sorry. She said. Suddenly Louis toppled on top of her. 

No hugs for the undefeated BooBear! He yelled. He started tickling her. She started laughing her head off.  

Louis get off. She yelled. 

Never. Louis responded. Finally Zayn and Liam grabbed Louis and got him off of Ale. 

He got me good. She said while standing up.

Yeah? Well I'm going to get you even better next time Louis told her. 

Noo. She yelled. 


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