Over Again

Imagine being an international pop star all your life. Not knowing who to trust. Or not even knowing who's your friend. This is the story of a firl. She's gone through much.
Name: Allison
Nickname: Ale
Stagename: L.A.
Hobby: International popstar
Secret: To be revealed
Love: You'll know soon.
Enjoy !!!!!! :D


14. Ferris Wheel Part 2

Harry's POV:

As we step into the seat of the ferris wheel, I hold tight to Ale's small, fragile hand. I'm so scared to break it, since her hand is so tiny compared to mine! Yet, I don't ever want to let go! A bored teenage boy locks the door. Welcome to Frizzie's Fabulous Ferris Wheel. He said with very little enthusiasm, Please remain seated with your hands and feet in the cart at all times. Slowly, the seat started to rise higher and higher. A strange, unfamiliar sound rose from my throat to my mouth. A small squeak escaped from my lips. I immediately felt Ale's gaze fall on me. Are you okay...? She asks. I manage to clear my throat and a soft mmhm. I quickly feel my cheeks heat up and look away. That was my second mistake, because as soon as I did, I noticed how high up we were from where we started. I couldn't help it, I inched closer to Ale and before I knew it we were....cuddling. Soon enough, the heat started to return to my cheeks. I heard Ale giggle next to me. I quickly turn to look at her, but as soon I did, our lips touched by accident ;). Well I guess I can't call it much of an accident if I kissed her back...I know, I know, naughty Harry. But I just couldn't help myself! Her lips, her perfectly shaped, strawberry lip balmed lips were just so...so...kissable. The surprising part was, she didn't pull away! That's when I knew, really knew, I Harry Styles, was in love.

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