Over Again

Imagine being an international pop star all your life. Not knowing who to trust. Or not even knowing who's your friend. This is the story of a firl. She's gone through much.
Name: Allison
Nickname: Ale
Stagename: L.A.
Hobby: International popstar
Secret: To be revealed
Love: You'll know soon.
Enjoy !!!!!! :D


8. Breakfast

Ale's pov:

I woke up the next morning. Harry was hugging me and apparently had no shrit on. I was holding his hand we were perfect. I was starving I didn't eat anything since last night. I was just so happy that I told him everything. I went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Some moments later, once I was done with breakfast, I felt big warm hands around my waist.

Morning sleepyhead. I told Harry

 What are you doing. He asked me  

Making breakfast. Anyways sit down it's almost ready. 

Ok. What did you make.

French toast. 


Harry do you have friends. I asked him.

Of course I do.

Tell me about them.

Well, there's Louis

How is he like.

He's an abnormal child.

What else.

There's Zayn. He is rather vain. I laughed at that point. Then there's Liam. He is really strong. Im kind of scared of him. And then there's Niall. He loves food and he's a big fan of yours. He's a nice lad.

Cool. Am I gonna meet your friends.

Um, sure if you want.

Ok. We finished eating breakfast. Harry went upstairs first to change. I was washing the dishes when I heard the door bellring. 

Who is it. I Asked.

It's us Harry. A boy replied.

Im not Harry. I said opening the door.

Niall's pov:

The lads and I went to Harry's house. When we got there. We rang the doorbell. But to my surprise he didn't open the door.

Im not Harry. A girl said opening the door. When she did I was about to die.

Your L.A. I said.

Um, ya. I guess so. She replied. 




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