Over Again

Imagine being an international pop star all your life. Not knowing who to trust. Or not even knowing who's your friend. This is the story of a firl. She's gone through much.
Name: Allison
Nickname: Ale
Stagename: L.A.
Hobby: International popstar
Secret: To be revealed
Love: You'll know soon.
Enjoy !!!!!! :D


17. A Dress With Feelings

Once she gave me the dress I was in shock. 

And you said that you needed a new dress. I told her.


Ale this is beautiful. I replied cutting her off.

I know. She said. All of a sudden her face changed. She looked.... sad.

Are you ok. I asked. 

Oh, um sorry. She said quickly wipping a tear off of her cheek. It's just that my dad, gave me this dress. He brought it for me. For my prom night. He brought it on my birthday. The day before the accident. He never saw me wear it. And he never will. She told me. Now with more tears rolling down her cheek. Creating a river of sadness. 

It's ok love. Don't worry. I told her wrapping her in a big bear hug. 

Thanks. She said while I wiped her tears off with my thumb. 

You know you can try it on for me. I told her.

Relly. She asked. 

Of course. Look your like my little girl. I want you to be happy. Im gonna protect you from any harm. So wipe those tears and chin up princess. I told her.

Ok 'dad'. She said laughing. Then she went into my room and changed. I couldn't wait to see her in that dress. It was a relly pretty deess. It was long and light blue. It sparkled. It had this feel to it. I just couldn't describe it. 

Ale's pov:

I went up to Harry's room and took a quick shower. While I was in there I was thinking of Harry. He was so nice to me. I now that we've kissed and stuff, but he makes me feel happy. Like nobody has ever made me feel. This thing in his smile, his eyes, how he talked to me. Just perfect. He was a miracle. 




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