Letters to Fred

Letters to the amazing Fred Weasley.


5. Molly

Dear Fred,

I feel so cold inside. Like a cold chamber that has nested deep down into my heart. I keep blundering.

On Father's Day, I made a big feast, just like always. We sat down at the table, and I, being my motherly self, asked the most stupid question ever. "Where's Fred?" And then the truth came rushing back like a rocket. I broke down in tears. After sobbing uncontrollably for what felt like an eternity, George, bless him, put his hand on my shoulder,  and he smiled as he spoke.

"Honestly, woman. You call yourself our mother."

And everyone began laughing like nothing ever happened.


I guess it just happens like that. One minute, you laugh and live. The next, gone. Our time is much to short. I must go now. I love you. Forever and always.

 Your mother,


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