Letters to Fred

Letters to the amazing Fred Weasley.


2. Harry

       Dear Fred,

       I still can't believe you're gone. You were always there for me. For the start... To the end. When I heard that you were gone, I thought it was a joke. Just another prank. I waited until for you to jump up and yell, "Gotcha!" But you never did. And now, I don't know which is worse... you dying...or having to live without the laughs and kindness that you gave me. You smiled, even as you died. I couldn't smile for weeks, months after you died. I tried, and failed. Shows how strong you were, smiling as your life vanished. I passed Luna Lovegood in Diagon Alley the day after your death. She ran up to me, sobbing, saying that it wasn't fair. She's right, it wasn't. We all miss you. Even Draco Malfoy, who arrived at your funeral. George misses you most of all. He still cries when he passes a mirror. He won't even leave his bedroom on April 1st anymore. It hurts him so much. It hurts us all. 


You will always be in my heart.





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