Letters to Fred

Letters to the amazing Fred Weasley.


6. GirlOfManyFandoms

Dear Fred,


     I think I speak for all Potterheads when I say that your death was heart-breaking. I feel horrible about it, like I could have stopped it, but I know I learned something from you. Your life was short, but you used it well. Bringing joy to the lives of many. Teaching people to smile even when the whole world frowns. Even when gone forever. You are a shining light in the dark pit that is the universe.

     You were the light in my darkness. Well, one of them, but nonetheless, one. In a dark time, when I thought I had nothing, you taught me better. I sat watching the world have fun and wished I could join but believed it impossible. You changed it. Pulled me out a blackhole with a smile and a loving laugh.

     And there's probably others saved by you. I know I can't possibly be the only one.

Thank you,


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