Used and Abused

Alyssa has an abusive boyfriend. She runs away, finding herself among the streets of London. She runs into Harry Styles. He sees that she seems lost and afraid, so he invites her to his home. Eventually, her feelings for him grow stronger but she is unable to put all her trust in him, thinking that he'll be like the first. Before things get any more serious, she leaves without saying a word. Months later, she finds herself going back to London to start fresh and once again encounters her abusive ex-boyfriend who claims that he's changed his ways. When she doesn't believe him, he continuously beats her until she wakes up in a hospital. Harry is by her side when she finally tells him how she feels.

A story of hope and love.


7. The Plan

Finally I made it to Harry's house and knocked on the door. As soon as the door opened, I was thankful to see that it was only Harry. "Alyssa, what are you doing here?" he asked me. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I didn't know where to begin. "I need a place to stay and you're the only person I feel safe with." I said.

"Come in." he said, then closed the door behind me. "He's going to come and kill me. I know he will. He's not going to stop until he finds me. What do I do? I'm scared Harry." I couldn't stop the tears from overflowing. Harry reached out and hugged me, holding me in his arms. "I'll find a way to get you out of this mess, okay?"

He looked down at me with his beautiful green eyes. They were different from Chris's. Harry's eyes were so gentle and made me feel better. "What if he comes here? Your house will be the first place he looks." I said.

"Tomorrow we'll talk about this with the guys and see what they say. For now, you need to get some rest." he said. I shook my head at him. I didn't want to sleep, otherwise Chris will haunt me in my dreams or kill me in my sleep. "No." I said.

"You can come and sleep with me in my room." It didn't take me long to agree to staying with Harry in his room. He picked up my bag and led me up the stairs to his room. "Will you be here when I get back?" I asked him before walking to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

He nodded, "I'll be right here waiting for you."

Grabbing my clothes, I quickly made my way into the bathroom. I hopped into the shower and turned on the water. I let the hot water run over my aching body from having to run long distances. I never knew a shower could feel so good without being in the presence of an abuser.

Within fifteen minutes I was done and quickly got changed into my clothes. I made my way back to Harry's room to see that he was still there. "Told you so." he smiled. One arm was supporting his head while he sat against the headboard.

I got in bed with him and laid down beside him, resting my head on his chest. I felt Harry's arm wrap around me, but for once in a lifetime, I didn't wince. All the scars and bruise I had in previous months before had all disappeared, excluding the new one around my neck from when Chris had almost killed me before I ran to Harry's house.

With Harry's arm around me, I felt secure as I slowly drifted off to sleep. The next morning I awoke to hear faint sounds of Harry sleeping beside me. I listened to the sound of his beating heart which soothed me, comforted me.

The sun peeked through the bedroom window, resting on Harry which gave him a glow that only a god would have. I hadn't realized all the tattoos Harry had on his chest and arms. To me, they were simply fascinating that I began to trace them.

I felt him shift beneath my fingers as I immediately froze, stopping in mid-tracing of a tattoo on his chest. "Who said you could stop?" he asked. His voice never sounded so sexy until now. Was in only in the morning he spoke like this? I asked myself.

"That felt good." he smirked, looking down at me as we met each others gaze. "Why do you have so many tattoos?" I asked him as he sat up. I sat up and admired every single one of them. "You can say they're pointless and random, but some of them have meanings." he said.

"Does anyone else in the band have tattoos?"

"All of us do, except Niall. I think we've begun to lose track of who has the most tattoos." he chuckled, taking my hand in his and began to gently caress it. "Clearly it's you Harry." We both looked up towards the direction of the voice to see Louis in Harry's doorway with his arms crossed over his chest with a smile on his face.

"Hope this plan of yours will work." Zayn said once all of us were gathered in Harry's living room. I sat close to Harry, not because I didn't like the others, but I knew him more. "You have to trust me." Harry said.

"Why can't I just stay with you?" I asked.

"Like you said yourself, your ex will come looking for you here first. I think it's better for you this way. We'll still be able to see each other." He reached up and caressed my cheek. "What's the worst thing we can do?" Louis asked with a joking tone.

"Kidnap her and keep her for ourselves." Liam smirked.

"Whose house is she staying with first?" Niall asked.

The guys looked at each other like they haven't fully thought their planned through, which is what I found later on as they began talking about who I should be staying with first. Eventually the decision came down to Liam. After Liam, it was: Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Louis.

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't have Harry on the last night, but it was the decision that the guys had agreed upon. I packed up my clothes and said my good bye to Harry, though I know this won't be the last time I'll be seeing him.

"You'll have fun with Liam, trust me." he smiled.

I took his word for it and kissed him good bye. I got into the car with Liam and we were on the long drive to his house. I knew that for most girls, they'd feel like the luckiest girls on the planet but for me, this is going to be one hell of a week.

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