Used and Abused

Alyssa has an abusive boyfriend. She runs away, finding herself among the streets of London. She runs into Harry Styles. He sees that she seems lost and afraid, so he invites her to his home. Eventually, her feelings for him grow stronger but she is unable to put all her trust in him, thinking that he'll be like the first. Before things get any more serious, she leaves without saying a word. Months later, she finds herself going back to London to start fresh and once again encounters her abusive ex-boyfriend who claims that he's changed his ways. When she doesn't believe him, he continuously beats her until she wakes up in a hospital. Harry is by her side when she finally tells him how she feels.

A story of hope and love.


4. Gone

That night, I couldn't sleep. I laid wide awake in bed thinking about what I've been doing to myself. I knew why I didn't trust people. I've shut so many of them out and it was because of Chris, but he wasn't here. It was in the middle of the night when I got out of bed and opened my door.

The door to Harry's room at the other end of the hallway was closed. I closed the door to my room and went back to the bed. All I could think about was earlier that night at the party when Harry's hands were on me. When we were around his friends, he stayed close to my side. He was protective of me.

I smiled to myself, knowing that someone cared for me. My smile soon faded when a horrid thought crossed my mind. That was the problem with me. I let someone in one moment and they turn on me the next. I couldn't let anything like that happen again. I didn't want to take the risk of falling for someone, and then getting hurt in the process.

I wasn't sure if Harry would be like Chris. I never trusted very many guys after my run in with Chris. Harry just seemed like the first person that ever cared about me, let alone his friends. A part of me was telling me to stay. A part of me wanted to be with Harry and be in his arms, but I wouldn't let myself.

I would never be able to manage such feelings. Feelings of love and happiness; feelings I haven't felt in a long time since Chris has changed. I changed out of the pajamas, into my clothes, and opened the window, going down the fire safe. Once I was far enough away from the house, I began running.

Truthfully, Chris hadn't always been a bad guy. He was always nice to me and we would have fun times together, but then one summer, he changed. It was the summer before our senior year in high school. He came back to school and he was instantly popular. He was a part of the football team, the basketball team, the wrestling team, and even the track team.

Every girl said I was lucky. All girls were jealous of me because I had a hot boyfriend like Chris. What they didn't know was the things he did to me when we were home alone. I had been living with Chris for four years since my parents died when I was fifteen. It took me until I was nineteen to run away.

When we were alone and where no watching eyes could see us, Chris would hit me. Anything he found, he would hit me with. Because of him, I have bruises everywhere and I've broken a few bones. I've had scars all over my arms, legs, and back. He would even beat me with his fist too.

Every day I'd go to school with some sort of injury, but no one questioned it. I managed to get through high school and for once I thought I was done with Chris, but things got worse. There were instances where he would be close to killing me. He would try and kill me in my sleep by choking me. He would beat me until I became unconscious.

Finally, I escaped and ran down the street. I met Harry and his friends, but now, I'm running away again for a different reason. I wouldl never forgive myself. Harry was such a sweet guy. I was all ready in the outskirts of London by the time the sun came up. I had been running for hours, but that didn't stop me.

London was now behind me and in front of me was just waiting for me. I saw a bench and sat down for a moment to catch my breath. I laid down and fell asleep.

Harry's POV

The next morning, I woke up and put on some clothes before heading across the hall to Alyssa's room. I knocked on the door and waited for her response. When there was no answer, I opened the door to find the room empty. The only thing that was left was the folded pajamas on the bed.

I looked all over the room to find that there was no note. I went downstairs, figuring that she was eating breakfast but when I entered the dining room, the food was untouched. Where could she be? I asked myself, going outside into the backyard. She wasn't there either and I was getting worried.

She couldn't have gone to any of the guy's houses. She has no idea where they live. I called the first person that popped into my mind. "Hello?" Louis' voice came through the phone. "Alyssa's gone." I said.


"Where do you think she could've disappeared to?" Liam asked. The five of us were sitting at a table in Nandos. Niall was the only one eating since the rest of us were to anxious to eat. I hardly had a bite of the food that I ordered. I shrugged, "I don't know why she would run off." I answered.

"What happened last night Haz?" Louis asked.

"Well we were just in her room talking about the party and then she felt sad about it being her first party she has gone to. I tried to comfort her by wrapping an arm around her shoulders, but she tensed up. I pulled away and asked her if everything was okay. She didn't answer me after that, so I just left. I shouldn't have left her in the condition that she was in." I said.

"It's not your fault." Liam said.

"Why do you think she tensed up?" Zayn asked. I wasn't really sure on how to answer his question. I noticed that she had bruises on her arms while we were dancing the night before, but I didn't bring it up at the table. "She'll come back Haz." Niall said, finishing his food. We were just wondering how he could eat at a time like this.

"I hope you're right Niall." I said. Though I continued to think about where she could've had gone to. I was worried about her, and I hoped that she was safe... wherever she is.

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