Are friends really enough?

Jessica and Harry have been best friends since middle school. And even stays contact with each other when he went on the X-Factor and on tours, etc. But when Harry comes home for a year does Jessica and Harry's relationship grow? Find out in "are friends really enough".


2. The big news and Authors note

I was working until 5:00 PM. Harry walked me home just like he does every time we come home from work. I couldn't help but think how i was lucky to have him a friend. Once we reached my house, i asked, "Hey do you wanna talk for a little bit?" "sure" he says cheerfully with that cheeky smile of his. 

I grabbed some tea from the kitchen and we sat on the couch and talked. "Umm, Jess. I have to tell you something."

"What is it?"

Well you know how i love to sing?"

"Yeah" I smiled at the thought of hearing him sing

"Well im thinking of being on the X-Factor"

I jumped up "Thats great, Harry!" I said

" One problem though ." He said worried.


"Its in Pennsylvania." (A/N i know thats not where it is usually i just made it up because i forgot)

We live in Cheshire in the UK. I didnt get this clear to you guys yet. I moved here from the USA. I dont have a wonderful accent like he does. I moved here because my mother and father separated. Soon they got a divorce and my mom remarried. so my mom and i moved here and my dad moved to Boston.


I sat back down. This couldnt be happening. I was speechless. after a while, "When are you leaving" was all i could manage to say.

"tomorrow" He said. I broke down right there. He told me at the last minute! I was to tired to get mad at him so i just hugged him. "we could skype and text and call" he said while hugging me. He was crying. i could tell. I was happy for him. but leaving me here was just a heart attack to me. i let go of his grip. "Im happy for you!" i said smiling trying to avoid the tears. just please talk to me everyday!" " I promise! now i have to go but ill see you tomorrow!" he said. And with that, he ran out the door.



Hey guys! Sorry i havent written! i wanted to trust me! My moms boyfriend was just on the computer alot. im serious like 24/7. He downloaded alot of movies and atuff and it is so hard to get the computer away from him so i apologize. Happy late Easter and Happy April Fools! :P 


Jessica ♥ 

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