Are friends really enough?

Jessica and Harry have been best friends since middle school. And even stays contact with each other when he went on the X-Factor and on tours, etc. But when Harry comes home for a year does Jessica and Harry's relationship grow? Find out in "are friends really enough".


1. Just any other day

Jessica's P.O.V:

I woke up with the sun shining bright on me. Geez i hated that. I got up, took a shower, got into a pair of blue skinny jeans, and a black tank top with a Hollister jacket. I grabbed my phone and headed to the bakery i work at with my best friend Harry Styles. He was a cheeky, green eyed, curly haired, honest kind of guy. He understood me and was the only friend i had. I always got bullied in school i cut when i was 14. But then there came Harry. He made me safe and he's like a big brother to me. I'm 16 now and Harry is 17. My birthday is in a month and we aren't less than a year apart.


When i got to the bakery, there stood Harry smiling at me. "Hello, Love!" he said. I loved his deep british accent. i dont have one because i moved from California to Cheshire. "Hey Hazza" I replied while walking to get my apron and putting it on. 


An hour later, a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes came up to me. "Hi can i get a chocolate cake to go?" He looked up and watched as I packed the chocolate cake for him. "here ya go" I handed it to him and smiled at him. It wasnt because i had a crush on him i only smiled at him because of how i was such in a great mood. "thanks... and also" He started. "your very beautiful." "thanks, but i'm not interested" I tried to say nicely. and i could just eel Harry watching. " Whatever, bitch" and he started walking away but i yelled, "Also if you already had a girlfriend, i would feel bad, dick!!" He just flipped me off but i didnt care.


Harry turned to me. "Are you okay?" "yeah, why?" "I kinda wanted to protect you" he mumbled. This was weird. he never acted this way. "Harry, im fine" He lightened up "Love ya, Jess" He said "love you to Hazza" We always said that because of how we did love each other. Just not in that kind of way.

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