Be Back For You

"What would happen if you forget me?" i asked him.

"I would never do that." he answered.

Little did I know that he was wrong.

Hi, my name is Aurora. I was bestfriends with Zayn, until he left for X-Factor. He left and forgot me, didn't call me, text me or anything.

Warning: Rated R


4. Chapter 3


Aurora's P.O.V


*2 weeks later*

(That's Zoey)



Zayn really didn't take it well at all. He just looked at her and me, then ran out the door. Zoey started to cry because she realized that was her daddy and he just ran out. I calmed her down and told her that he just needed time for it to sink in. She nodded, went to her room, got her Zayn doll and threw it at the wall. She started crying and screamed at it. I held her and tried to calm her down, but soon, I started crying to. 




"Zoey, come on. You are coming with me to work." i screamed to her, I was in the kitchen. She walked in, still in her PJs.

"No, I want to be with GG." she answered me. Rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"GG can't take care of you today. She's sick. Come on. Maybe they will let you do what Mummy does." i told her. She looked up and smiled.

"OK!" she said, ate her breakfast and ran to her room. I followed her at helped her get dressed. She wore ( She went and played with her dolls in the doll house again. I took the Zayn doll away. I went to my room and got dressed. I wore (

"Lets go Baby Cakes." i said, grabbing her hand. She carried her doll that Patricia gave her. What she didn't know was that it matched the dolls that both me and Zayn had when we were little. It looked like Sleeping Beauty.

"Mummy, do you think Daddy would ever come back?" she asked me. Playing with her doll.

"I don't know Baby Cakes, I don't know." i said, I have been kind of gloomy since that day. I love him, and hate him. I just want him back. We arrived at the building at went to my side of it.

"Wow Mummy, there are pictures of you all over." said Zoe.

"Ya, your mummy is popular here." i told her.

"Oooo. Just like how Daddy is popular all over the world?" she asked.

"Well, ya. But I'm not that popular." i answered her. She nodded and ran to Evoan, my director.

"E!!!!" she screamed running towards her.

"Zoey!!!" screamed Evoan picking her up.

"Hello Evoan. As you can see, I brought my little cupcake." i told her.

"Yes. Well how are you guys?" she asked.

"Good, he hasn't called back."  i answered. She knew about Zayn, she nodded.

'Well, you better be on good terms. Because you are modeling with them again. But, this time, they brought their girlfriends." she told me.

"What? Evoan!!!" i screamed, obviously she was trying to get us to make up.

"Come on, Aurora. He is the father of your child. You need to make up some day." she said. Just then, Zayn, the boys, and three girls walked in. Zayn saw me and couldn't believe it.  Zoey was standing right next to me, staring at him. Then some girl with ombre pink hair walked up to him.

"What's wrong baby? See somebody you know?" she asked. Wait, she called him baby. I shook my head, trying to hold back the tears. He now had a girlfriend. I can't believe that he did that. Walk out on us, then went and found himself a girlfriend.

"Um, ya. Aurora, how are you?" he asked, walking up to me.

'Fine." i said, through gritted teeth. I grabbed Zoey's hand and walked away.

"Mummy, who is that?" she asked me. Oh, no. What would the boys think.

"Mummy? Your a mum? Who's the dad?" asked the girl holding Zayn's hand.

"Um, I don't think the dad would like me to say his name." I said, looking towards Zayn. He just looked at us with his mouth open, like he was going to say something. I just shook my head and headed to hair and makeup.

"You ok, sweetheart?" asked Lou. She was my hair and make up stylist. She was One Direction's too.

"No, Zayn has a girlfriend. How can he do that? And bring her here? Does he not know how much that hurts?" i told her.

"Ok, you can talk about it. I'll do your hair and makeup later." she told me.

"How can he do that? He has a daughter, did he forget about her?!? Is there something wrong with me? Is that why he left me? Wouldn't he want to stay with his daughter?" i asked her.

"Who has a daughter?" asked someone. I thought it was Lou, so i answered.

"Zayn. Did you forget? Remember, Zoey Jamie Malik? You know, me and Zayn's daughter?" i said. Gosh was that a mistake, because when I looked at where the voice was coming from. It was Zayn's girlfriend. She screamed, and ran to me, like she was about to attack me. Suddenly, Zoey came inbetween us, and Zayn's girlfriend scrached and hit her. Zoey started crying. I held onto Zoey, trying to get her away. Lou pulled back Zayn's girlfriend. I carried Zoey, trying to look her over. She was bleeding from all over the place.

"You bitch!" i screamed, I ran to Zayn's girlfriend. I started attacking her. She did not just do that to my sweet angel. Zayn walked in and pulled us apart. He came over to me and looked me over.

"What did you do to her, Perrie!?" he screamed, I guess that's her name.

"I did nothing. She came unto me." she said.

"I did, but that's because you made my little angel bleed all over, you bitch." i said. Zayn looked at her shocked.

"Is this true Perrie?" he asked.

"No, she came unto me." she said. Just then Zoey came in, carrying a napkin that was already soaked with blood.

"Mummy, it won't stop." she said, pointing to the cut she had on her stomach.

"Perrie!!!!" screamed Zayn, he took her and went to go and talk to her. She ran off crying and he came back to me.

"I broke up with her. She shouldn't have done that to her, or you." he said, getting Zoey a new napkin.

"I think we need to take her to a hospital. The cut is really deep, and it won't stop." he said. I looked at it and nodded in agreement. We took his car, I sat in the back, taking care of Zoey. We arrived at hospial and they saw her right away.

"Mr. and Mrs. Malik?"

"Well, its Miss James, but that doesn't matter. How is my baby girl?" i asked.

"She's fine. She had to get stiches and is resting in her room right now. Come, follow me." he said, leading us to her room.

"Mummy!!!" she said, her face lighting up when she saw me. But when she looked behind me, her face lost its glow.

"What is he doing here?" she asked, obviously mad.

"Sweety, he helped you here. Don't be mad at him." i said, pulling Zayn next to me.

"I'm sorry I left. I will stay, ok, Zoey?" he said, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. She looked at me and I nodded, giving her my aproval. She reached out her arms for him. He went ahead and hugged her, tears forming in his eyes.

"Thank you, sweet heart." he said, giving her a kiss on her forehead. I smiled.

"Daddy, can you get me the coloring book and help me color?" she asked him. He nodded and handed her the coloring book and crayons. They started coloring together and they really looked like a father and daughter. I took a picture and sent it to Patricia. She asked me what she was doing in the hospital and I told her everything. She was like my mother, and boy was I glad I had her.

"Aurora, can I talk to you a sec?" Zayn asked me.

"Sure." i answered, we left Zoey in the room, coloring.

"Look, it's a lot to ask for, but, do you want to go out tomorrow?" he asked me.

"I don't know, Zayn. You left me before, and you left when I told you about Zoe. What will make me believe that you won't leave again?" i asked.

"Give me a chance, Ro. Please." he said.

"Ok, I will give you a chance. But, if you walk out on us, I will never be able to forgive you." I said. He jumped up and got excited. 

"You won't regret it Ro." he said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. And walked back into Zoey's room.

"I'm not a hundrad percent sure i won't regret it." i murmured before walking into the room.

"Mommy, Daddy told me that we might be a family!!!" screamed Zoey. 

"Yes, baby, we are." i said. 

"Yay!!!" she screamed, trying to get up, but then she whimpered.

"What's wrong, sweet cheeks?" asked Zayn.

"My belly hurts." she said. 

"Well, you do have stiches there." i pointed to them. She was about to peck at them.

"No Zoe, you can't do that. If you do, you can start bleeding, like you did before." i told her, her mouth did an 'O' shape and she nodded her head.

"Mommy, can I go to sleep?" she asked me.

"Yes, baby girl." i said, she went straight to sleep. 

"Aurora, what are we gonna do?" he asked me.

"Show her how to live with it. Zayn, just because she is hurt doesn't mean the world stops. That's what I have been telling her." i said, he nodded and went back to rubbing the back of her hand.

"Miss James, there are people here to see your daughter." said the doctor after he walked in. I nodded in confusion, but then the boys walked in. 

"Hello Aurora." they all said, i got up and hugged them, even their girlfriends. 

"Hello boys, care to introduce us?" i asked. 

"Oh, ya. Well, this is Danielle, my girlfriend, El, Louis' girlfriend, and Cher, Harry's girlfriend." said Liam

"Nice to meet you. I'm Aurora." i said, getting a hug from each of them. 

"So, this is the little angel?" asked El, I nodded and Zoey was snoring a little and everyone started to giggle. 

"She's adorable. She's a perfect mix of you two." said Cher. 

"Thank you." i answered. I brought a chair and put it next to Zoey's bed and grabbed her hand, rubbing my thumb across the back of her hand. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and talked with the boys and girls. But, i noticed Zayn wouldn't stop looking at me, smiling. 

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