Be Back For You

"What would happen if you forget me?" i asked him.

"I would never do that." he answered.

Little did I know that he was wrong.

Hi, my name is Aurora. I was bestfriends with Zayn, until he left for X-Factor. He left and forgot me, didn't call me, text me or anything.

Warning: Rated R


3. Chapter 2

Aurora's P.O.V.


Zayn and Louis were talking, Zayn seemed like he was talking about someone he loved. And to tell you the truth, I was a little jelous. I knew I liked Zayn. When he told me he was leaving for X-Factor, I was crushed. I knew he would probably become famous and forget about me. That same day, I was going to tell him I liked him, but I never got the chance. I looked over and when he was talking about her, his eyes lit up.

"Aurora, you ok?" asked Liam.

"Ya, I'm fine." but I didn't even sound convinving. I looked depressed, just stiring my tea, looking down, teirs forming in my eyes.

"No, your not. You seem down. Wanna tell Love Doctor Liam about it?" he asked, i laughed at the way he called himself the Love Doctor.

"I mean, he's my best-friend. We did everything together. Sing, dance, work, swim, hang out with the same group of friends. We love the same singers, food, and activities. We were each others first, at everything, first kiss, first time. He wanted to chase her dream, wich was singing, and I wanted to chase mine, wich was modeling. I still remember the day when he told me he was trying out for X-Factor. I was crushed, and I couldn't believe he was leaving me, but I faked a smile and congratulated him. I remember his laugh, and his smile. God, that smile. It always makes my heart stop. And..." I said,

"And?" he asked.

"And I think I'm in love." i answered. Right then, Zayn walked in.

"Oh, um, congrates, Sleeping Beauty." he said, looking all gloomy.

Oh, no. He heard me. But, how can he not know it was him.

"Oh, thanks." i said.

"Hey, can I come over to your house later? I want to see it!" he said.

"Sure, I'll just go home and then call you when you can come over." i said. He nodded and gave me his number. But my house is where Zoey is. How will he react, I mean, I've been keeping her away from him. This can't end up good.


*At Home*

"Patricia!! I'm home!!!!" i screamed. Patricia came out of Zoe's room. Then Zoey can running out.

"MUMMY!!!!" she screamed. I bent down and scooped her up for a hug.

"Thank God you came home. She really is a handful." said Patricia.

"Really? Did she behave?" i asked her. Zoey nodded her head viciously.

"Well, in the begining she did. But towards the end, she went crazy. I guess she knew you were coming home." answered Patricia.

"Ok, well, half of a desert for you young lady." i told Zoey, tapping her little nose.

"But Mummy." she whined.

"Zoey, you know how I feel about whiners." I said.

"I'm sorry. I won't whine again." she said.

"Ok, well. Say bye to GG and go to your room." i told her. I put her down, she ran to Patricia, gave her a hug and a kiss, and ran to her room.

"Patricia, can you stay here for a second?" i asked her. She nodded and sat down on the couch.

"What is it, Aurora?" she asked me.

"He's here." i told her

"Ya, I know. I just didn't want to tell you. How do you know?" she asked.

"Well, they all came to my modeling place. He was there and we had to do couple shots." i told her.

"Well, what are you going to do?" she asked.

"He's coming over, later today." i answered her.

"What!?! What about Zoey? Does he know?" she asked.

"No, I'm planning on telling him. Please, go home and rest. I'll tell you what happened tommorrow." i told her. She nodded and went out. I walked over to Zoey's room.

"Zoe, we are going to have company." i told her.

"Yay!!! What do I wear?" she asked me. I went to her closet and pulled this out ( She got dressed and went to her doll house. She started to play with her One Direction dolls; and guess who her favorite was? Zayn Malik! I went upstairs and got dressed into this ( I went and texted Zayn, saying that he could come over. I cooked dinner and a half-hour later there was a knock at the door.

"Zoe, stay in your room until I tell you to come out. OK?" i screamed.

"OK!!!!" she screamed back. I went and answered the door.

"Hey Aurora, this is for you." he said and giving me a bunch of roses.

"Awww, Zayn. These are my favorite! How did you know?" i said, taking the roses and smelling them.

"Well, you always told me that you have always wanted a boy to come and bring you your favorite flowers, roses." he said, I couldn't believe he remembered.

"I can't believe that you remembered that! Come in. Living room is to your right." i said. I went Zoey's room and told her that I'll come and get her later. She nodded and continued to play with her dolls. I went to the family room and saw Zayn looking at a scrapbook. I looked closer and realized that is was Zoey's; it went from my first ultrasound to a couple days ago. Oh, no.

"Hey Z, whatcha looking at?" i asked, trying not to get nervous.

"Who is this? And why is your name on her birth certificate?" he asked, a little worried.

"Um, hold on." i said, this might be the perfect time to get Zoey. I got her, but she fell asleep when i carried her.

"Zayn, meet Zoey Jamie Malik."

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