In The Sky (Chapter 2)

This is chapter 2 for the in the sky competition


1. Walls Of Pictures

    Izalla's heart stopped as she was materialized into a room. Hieroglyphs were everywhere, all black. The sleek texture of pictures were cutting against the crisp white walls. Izalla reached out to touch one, a spark immediately forming as her finger kissed the shape. The room started to spin, making her dizzy. She stumbled a bit, regaining her senses. She squinted, her knees growing weak. Izalla slowly backed away from the wall, grazing the opposite with her back. A tingling sensation rose up her back as she realized what was happening. 

The hieroglyphs were taking over.

    She noticed her fingertips growing inky, along with her feet. 

She was to become one of them. 

    All of these hieroglyphs were people, unfortunate and calamitous. 

She screamed as faint whispers slowly grew to shouts.

   Izalla's skin had turned to midnight and she could almost feel it seeping into her body.

Immense pain grew into sickening cracks as her body began to deform.

   The devil had surely kept her alive, for she should have died.

But Izalla must live to the end.

   Whisper utterly dreadful things to the next. 

She winced as her body suddenly popped back into place. Her father stood behind her, shielding her. He sighed and gave her a look saying, "We'll talk about it later."

That wasn't good enough for Izalla.

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