One direction preferences and imagines

The title explains a lot


2. Preference #1

You walk in on him showering


Zayn: you forget your phone in the bathroom while brushing your teeth. You quickly go inside the bathroom to find your bf Zayn I'm the shower. You poke the curtain and he doesn't notice. You grab your phone off the counter. As u begin to exit you hear Zayn say "y/n where u trying to come in the shower with me? U could've just asked!" You feel wet hands at your waist and he pulls into the shower with him.


Liam: You walk into the restroom to brush your teeth to find Liam showering. You are trying to be sneaky with it so he won't see u coming. "OMG R U A ROBBER DO U HAVE A SPOON I HAVE A GUN!" You hear Liam yell. " Liam it's just me your gf!" U say and look at him confused. "Oh!" He says and blushes "y would u have a gun in the shower Liam" u ask and he stares at u. U leave and laugh at Liam.


Louis: You all into the restroom your planning on scaring Louis. You enter quietly to hear him singing "that's what makes u beautiful!" You smile and peek through the curtain. He didn't notice you so u screamed very loud "BOOOOOO BEAR!" He jumps and turns around to u "y/n OMG U SCARED ME!" He yells and pulls u clothed into the shower with him. He holds you still and puts u right under the water "HAHAHAHA PUNISHMENT FOR TRYING TO SNEAK A PEEK AT ME!" He says and you laugh. You turn around and kiss him on the lips then pour a cup of water on his head.


Niall: u walk in the restroom cause u forgot to grab your purse when u left. You hear the shower running and Nialls head pops out. He's blushing and u grab your purse and look into his eyes. You run up to his wet lips and kiss him. "Sorry Leprechaun!" You say and cover your eyes leaving the room. "Y/n I'm not that short!" He says and you laugh leaving the restroom.


Harry: You wake up later than harry. You  go to the restroom and harry is singing "Lego house" u smile and brush your teeth. U suddenly feel wet arms wrapped around you. He smiles "y/n you trying to sneak a peek at me love!" He says and pulls you into the shower with him. "I WAS NOT!!!!" You say and look up at him "y/n I believe you did!" He says and takes off your clothes. "I'll take a shower with u but I was just brushing my teeth!" U say and kiss him "then this is a bonus!" He says and smiles "you cheeky boy!!" You say and go into the shower with him.


@Mrs.Styles_Forever signs out hope you enjoyed that 😍

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