To the moon and back

Nicole is just a normal dancer. But when one direction shows up at her studio after they got lost when she's the only one around,, will that change her life? While romance be involved? Find out inside the pages of "to the moon and back."


3. Rules

Liams P.O.V:

We were lost. Thanks to Niall. I told him to turn at 6th but no, he just had to turn at 9th. So anyway were here at some building. It says "The Academy" on the front of the building. We walked in to find no one at the desk or otherwise. But I heard music so I followed it. I walked into a big room with nothing but a little table and a music box. There was a girl though. She had light brown hair that reached the small of here back. Really pretty blue eyes, and a perfect body. Right then I knew, she had to be mine. She was dancing a sexual dance. We all just stared at her until she stopped, mouths open and all. "Close your mouths boys, you'll catch flys." She stated.  "Well we um uh we're-" I froze I couldn't do it. Niall continued for me and I was so angry at him. "I'm Niall!" He said. "Ya well I'm Liam." I stated trying to sound competitive. Then her phone rang. After a minute conversation with her sister, she agreed to give us face lessons. Great. Just great.

Nicole's P.O.V:

"Ok so if in going to teach you, you'll want to know my rules first." I said. I didn't really know how bad it was going to be. If it was going to be bad at all. "Ok! Shouldn't be too bad love!" "Rule number 1,  do not touch anything in this room. 2. Do not touch anything in the studio. 3. Don't touch my phone, purse or anything that belongs time without asking. 4. Don't be loud. Got it?" "Well love, we can do 1 and 2 but we can't promise anything for 3 and 4. Sorry." "Close enough. Lets get started!" First we kinda just started out with the basics but then we got tired and ended up just lying on the floor laughing."I have an Idea!"Louis said, "lets play truth or dare!!" He said smiling. "Ok!" We all singsonged. "Ok Niall," Louis started, "truth or dare?"  "Dare!!!" "Hmm ok, I dare you to show us your greatest dance move!" "Easy!" He said. He showed us his Irish dance. It was halarious and I was laughing so hard rolling around on the floor because of it. Then I felt someone tickle me. I hate being tickled. I looked up and saw Liam smiling down at me. "Don't. You. Dare." He laughed and tickled my sides. By then all the boys joined in and I was being held against my will. "Ow stop!! Ahhhh" I screamed. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eye and my stomach hurt. "Liammmmmm stop it right n-ahhhhhh." This boy didn't stop.  After about 15 minutes in pure torture they finally stopped.  I was panting. Just gasping for air. "Your laughs really funny and cute." Liam said. I just glared. But somehow deep down I was smiling inside. I think I might like him. "Hey Nicole, it's 1030 do you want to come over to my house and play rock band with us?" Harry asked. "I'd love too, only if Liam won't tickle me again." "That's a promise I can't keep babe." He replied smiling as I got up and grabbed my stuff. 


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