To the moon and back

Nicole is just a normal dancer. But when one direction shows up at her studio after they got lost when she's the only one around,, will that change her life? While romance be involved? Find out inside the pages of "to the moon and back."


2. Excuse me were lo-


I set my stuff down at the front of the room by the mirror. I decided to stretch first. I did basic stretches just to warm myself up. I decided I would start with my jazz dance. So I put my phone on the speaker and put on the song "Express" from Burlesque. The dance in my opinion was pretty sexual. But I did it anyways. 

I finished that one within 2 minutes. Now for hip hop. I loved hip hop. I put on "my hearts a stereo." Hold until he starts rapping. Anddddd go. "If I was just another dusty rag on the shelf.." I heard the door swing open but I didn't care. I was too into it. I heard people walking around but I still didn't notice. "Excuse me were lo-" the British voice stopped. I kept going. This dance was kinda sexual too. It ended and I was panting as I went to go grab my water and pause the music. I looked in the mirror only to find five boys staring at me with their  mouths open. "Close your mouths boys, you'll catch flys." I said turning around and walking toward them. "Now what do you need?" "Um well um uh we we.." He paused and another boy took over. This time he was Irish. "We're lost. Would you mind telling us where we are love?" I smiled and said,"yea you are at my dance studio." "That doesn't help much...anyway! I'm Niall!" "Nice to meet you I'm Nicole." "Well um I'm Liam!" The boy that had started talking stated. I found it pretty cute. "In Louis! That's Zayn and Harry." He smiled and pointed to 2 other boys. One with curly hair and the other with black hair. That's when my phone started ringing. I walked over to get it and picked up the phone. "Hey gurl it's Mindy!!" "Oh shut up mindy. Don't try that crap on me. What do you want?" Mindy was my younger sister. I hated her. "I need 40 dollars." "Ask your so called rich boyfriend." I said rolling my eyes. "He's out of town. Please ill pay you back." "You say that every time and that never happens so no. Bye bye." I said hanging up on her. "Sorry that was my sister." "So what do you say you teach us some moves?" Louis said. "Sure!" I said laughing. Here we go...

*authors note* sorry if it sucks. Comment anything I can do better!!!:) ~Nicole xx 

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