To the moon and back

Nicole is just a normal dancer. But when one direction shows up at her studio after they got lost when she's the only one around,, will that change her life? While romance be involved? Find out inside the pages of "to the moon and back."


4. Dons

*a/n* sorry I know rockbands old but it just had something to do with singing so. Thanks for reading! ~Nicole xx


Nicoles p.o.v:

I grabbed my stuff from the front of the room and did a little jog over to the boys. "Ready?" I asked happily. They all nodded and headed for the door. I was the last one so I could lock it. "Ok come on in our car there's room!" Louis shouted. "Um I have my car so I have to drive that and Im hungry so I need to run home and get something." "Well why doesn't someone go with you, you guys can get some food and you can meet us at my house?" Harry said sounding smart. "Ok!" "Ill go!" Liam replied. The boys gave him a weird expression but he just looked at them and they all chorused ohhhhhs. We got in my car and headed to MacDonalds. It's kinda fat but I really like the hash browns. "So, where were you born?" Liam asked me. "Chesire," I replied, "and you?" "Wolverhampton."  "Nice place, I've never been there but from what I've heard." "Yea it's pretty nice." Liam looke out the window till we got to MacDonalds. I pulled up to a spot right in front. Liam and I both got out and walked in. "Do the boys want anything?" I asked. Even thought we had only just meet, I feel like I was so close to the boys and have known them forever. "Yea, they'll have what your having." He said looking up from his phone. I walked to the counter while Liam waited a little further back. A tall brown haired boy was working. "Hello beautiful, what can I get for you today?" He said winking. His name tag read Dylan. "Um 5 breakfast combos, all with chocolate milk please." "Sure thing sweetheart." He said ringing them in. He's suck a flirt. I looked back at Liam who was awkwardly standing there sending Dylan death glares. He shifted from left to right. He's so cute. But Liam probably doesn't feel that way about me. He came over to where I was to help me carry the bags. Dylan came back with our orders and I payed. I grabbed the drink tray while Liam grabbed the 2 bags. Dylan slid me his number and winked. "Call me anytime babe." He smiled. "Sorry," I said pushing back the slip of paper, "I have a boyfriend." He shot Liam death glares and I walked  away.  

Liam POV: 

We arrived at MacDonalds and she went to order while I stayed back a little bit. I saw the man who's name was Dylan  flirting with her. It made me mad. I wanted her to be mine. To hold her in my arms. To make her feel loved and keep her warm when's she's cold. To always be there for her. To live my life with her. But I guess I guess I might have been to late. I was sending him death glares. She looked back at me. She looked so cute. I saw Dylan walking back with our food, so I walked up to help her. I grabbed both bags and she grabbed the drinks. He slid her his number. She slid it back and replied, "sorry I have a boyfriend." He shot me death glares. We walked to the door and I stops her there. "You have a boyfriend?" I asked. Hoping that she would say no. 

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