Trouble. (A Harry Styles FanFic)

He ran his hand up my leg, " I care about you Holly." He whispered in my ear. I was trembling as he kissed my neck and his hand went higher into my dress. His name is Harry. Harry Styles to be exact. His green eyes could trap anyone in. But is he too much trouble for me?


3. Chapter 3.

          He told them. They were doing something worse, " Hey look, it's the Styles slut." Amanda laughed. " Says the one who looks like one." I mumbled. " What was that?" she smirked. " I said...Says the one who looks like one...oh whoops. that slipped." I said looking at her in amusement. She slapped me right across the face, " Amanda leave her alone." Harry said yanking her away from me. Tears streamed down my face for the second time, " Aww look at the pussy cry." Amanda laughed. 


          " Harry if I want to be with you, I have to deal with that." I said sitting on the space in front of my windows. " I'll be with you any time I can love." He said. " You promise?" I asked. " I promise." He said. " Can you come over right now?" I asked. " Sure." He said then hung up. The doorbell rang few minutes later and I raced down the stairs then opened it. " Hey." He said coming in.


          He deepened the kiss. His tongue trailed the bottom of my lip, I bit his bottom lip making him smile in the kiss. I could get used to this.

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