Trouble. (A Harry Styles FanFic)

He ran his hand up my leg, " I care about you Holly." He whispered in my ear. I was trembling as he kissed my neck and his hand went higher into my dress. His name is Harry. Harry Styles to be exact. His green eyes could trap anyone in. But is he too much trouble for me?


2. Chapter 2.

          He put his arms on the others one my left and right. I clenched my fists and slammed my locker. I turned around, " Listen Harry. I am not interested." I said. He stepped closer, his green eyes brighter then usual. " Say it in my face." He said stepping closer and removing his arms then crossing them. " Well." He said stepping closer. " I don't like you." I said. He stepped closer. I was almost starting to drool, " And I never will." I said. He stepped closer making me hit my locker. " Don't lie to me and yourself love. It won't work." He chuckled as his minty breath hit my face. I gulped. I needed him right now. " I know you wanna kiss me really bad but you hate me." He whispered. I stared at him for a few seconds, " Kiss me." He simply said. I did.


          Everyone knew. Girls were giving me death glares, boys were whistling at me like I am a dog. " Why the hell would you tell everyone!" I shouted at him. He smirked, " Rumors go around easy huh." He chuckled. " Thanks to you, I have been getting hurt." I cried. His face became softer, " Who is doing this to you?" He asked ignoring his friends. " Amanda and them." I said as he wiped my tears. " I'll go talk to them." He said. I nodded.



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