You're My Favorite

They will never be together. He stole her from him, remember? He loved her so much! She doesn't know who to choose, her abusive boyfriend or Harry Styles? Yes, the Harry Styles. Yep, the one with the beautiful brown locks, and hypnotizing green eyes, adorable smile that makes you melt inside, and cute dimples. Is it that hard?


2. No!!!!

I woke up in the hospital. But I didn't open my eyes yet, afraid of what I'm going to see.

I heard talking then, "oh shhhh shhhh she's awake!!!!" It was an Irish accent? Nah! That is NOT Niall Horan! Nah! I opened my eyes to see 10 eyes staring back at me. Then I noticed that ONE DIRECTION WAS STARING AT ME!!!!! I gasped. 

"Ok I'm gonna close me eyes, and when I open them one direction will not be staring at me." I said while closing my eyes. I heard Niall giggle and movement.

"love? We're still here..." Harry said.

I opened my eyes again. They were all sitting on my bed. Louis was sitting criss-cross at the end of my bed while the other four sat on the sides edges...

"so...." Liam started. I looked at my body. Bruses and cuts were on my arms. I sat up. 

"Ok I'm not getting tricked by Kathy. So...." I started then it clicked in my head.

"OMFG!! You're real one driection! You're Liam! And you're Niall! And you're Zayn! And you're Louis!" I screamed!

"what about me?" Harry whined and fake pouted. He was too cute!

"and you're Harry Styles! With the beautiful curly hair! Like mine! But mines longer..." I said touching his hair. It was so soft!

They all chuckled at my fan-girling... 

"So what happened why am I sitting here?" I asked.

"well......." They all said at the same time.




sorry it's short!!! I have writers block! :D

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