You're My Favorite

They will never be together. He stole her from him, remember? He loved her so much! She doesn't know who to choose, her abusive boyfriend or Harry Styles? Yes, the Harry Styles. Yep, the one with the beautiful brown locks, and hypnotizing green eyes, adorable smile that makes you melt inside, and cute dimples. Is it that hard?


3. Explanation

"Well..You and your friend were walking. You two saw Harry, but other girls also noticed Harry. And ermm, they came running over, and sorda trampled over you." Louis said quietly.

"Oh..Is Kathy here?" i questioned.

"Sorry love, but no, she went home. She said that you'd be fine." Liam said worried.

"But we stayed here with you!" Niall said happily.

I giggled, "Thanks guys but you really didn't have to."

"I'm starvingggg!!" i yelled.

"SAME! Let's go eat some of the hospital food." Niall said. I was getting up from the bed when i tripped forward. I closed my eyes hoping the fall wouldn't hurt as much, but someone caught me. Slowly, my eyes opened to see Harry with a worried look on his face. "Are you okay, babe?"

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