Love Buried In Hate

Harry and Abigail are great friends. But when she starts dating Jacob they drift apart. Then she breaks it off with Joacob realizing she wants someone else. Their friendship is mended but will it be for long?


7. Your Spending The Day With Me

Abigail's P.O.V.-

  I woke up in the morning. I dreading going to see Harry. But I had too. I went and got into the shower. Then got dressed. I realized it was only 5 am so I was way early. The boys would wonder where I was since I wasn't supposed to go to school today, but I didn't care. They could just call me anyways. But anyway I just started reading and studing for the test I would have to eake when I got back to school in 2 days. I read until 6:45 then left a note saying, "Out -Love Abigail." I left the house, nervous out of my mind. I walked to the park to find Harry looking hot as ever, with his tight black skinny jeans, and blue plain shirt. He was holding his varsity jacket over his shoulders and leaning against the pole. "Hey, babe." He said smirking. Wait...what. He was just having a spaz attack yesterday and was very angry. "I thought you were mad." I said, getting it out there in the open. "Fisty much." He said snaking his arms around my waist. "I thought you were mad at me. What are you doing?!" I said pushing him away. He got angry at this and came very close to my face. He put his hand on my chin and made me look up at him. "Hun. Listen to me now, ok? Now I tried to be nice but you want to be a bitch so ill just cut to the chase. " He said smirking. "You are mine now. You do what I say and what I want you to do when I want you to do it, alright." He said. "What? Are you crazy." I asked. He got angry and smacked me in the face, hard. I fell to the ground and held my face.

    I looked at him shocked and he just stared at me. Then he picked me up of the ground holding my arm tightly. "Are we clear now?" He asked. I was shaking so I just nodded. He let go and backed up. "Come on." He said, I just followed to scared to turn and run. "Where are we going?" I asked quietly. "To my house. My mum is out so were going to spend the day together." He replied. We got to his house and I followed him inside. It was only 7:50 so we had all day. "Sit down babe." He said. So I did. "Pick a couple movies." He said before walking into the kitchen. So I did, I picked the Titanic, Dodgeball, and Woman in Black. My phone started ringing so I went to pick it up. "Hello." I asked. "ABIGAIL! WHAT THE HELL!" Louis screamed. "Wow, calm down." I said nonchalantly. "What do you mean calm down! You disappeared! I was so worried!" Louis said almost crying. "Oh. Lou im sorry I didn't mean to scare you." I said sincerely. "I went out to go see Harry and now im at his house." Louis sighed in relief and Harry came out of the kitchen. 'Whos that?' He mouthed. 'Louis' I answered.

   "Come home." Louis said. I said ok and Harry must have known because he took the phone and said, "She cant. Were doing homework and I need her for this project can she stay longer." He said. Then nodded and smiled. "K bye." He said then hung up. I shivered and he smirked. He got real close to my ear and whispered, "Looks like your staying with me for the rest of the day, babe." My eyes widened, and he laughed. We put in the Titanic and it ended around 11. Im surprised Harry didn't cry, but at a lot of the romantic parts I would catch Harry staring at me. He'd smile and look away. We had lunch at 1 and then started Dodge ball. At like 3:00 he turned on his favorite show. Family Guy. We watched that til about dark. He started laughing and eventually I caught on why. He had put in Woman In Black. That movie is scary and he knows when im scared, he can control me. Oh crap what did I just get my self into.

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