Love Buried In Hate

Harry and Abigail are great friends. But when she starts dating Jacob they drift apart. Then she breaks it off with Joacob realizing she wants someone else. Their friendship is mended but will it be for long?


6. Not In This Situation

Harrys P.O.V.-

   I woke up feeling so much pain in my side. "Abigail?" I asked seeing a woman walk in. "No sir, im sorry, I can get her for you." She said. I nodded. She left the room and I just stared at the ceiling waiting for my love. About 5 minutes later Louis walked in. "How are you?" He asked. "Ok. But my side hurts.Why did you get me I called Zayn." I said. "Well he fainted after he answer so I left him here with Niall and went to get you." Louis said. "What happened to Jacob?" I asked. He chuckled, "I threw a glass bottle at his head." I smiled but It faded. "Wait why was Zayn here?" I asked. "Oh um." He said clearing his throat. I got scared. "Abigail cut her wrists again and he had to run her here." Tears started to form in my eyes as I asked, "Again." He nodded. "She did it before you went to summer camp. She said it was because you were mad at her and she hates when your mad." He said. I started to cry. Just then she walked in. She came over and hugged me. I continued to cry not realizing it was her. "Harry." She said. I looked up and smiled, "But I thought.." I started. She cut me off by crashing her lips into mine. I just went with it. I could see her cheeks were tear stained too. It felt like forever and  I didn't want it to end. But Louis got uncomfortable and cleared his throat telling us to stop. She laughed and I asked, "Why would you do that?" Louis left, seeing we were going to talk alone. "I was s-sad that you were m-mad at me. And Jacob was mad that I broke u-up with him." She stuttered starting to cry.

     "Oh, baby don't cry." I said. I moved over and motioned for her to sit with me. She did and she hugged me. I didn't mind the pain it was actually nice just having her here. "I wasn't mad." I said. She looked up at me and I melted at the sight of her eyes. "Yeah, you were you stormed off." She said. "I was just upset. But why did you break up with him?" I asked, already partly knowing the answer. "Because I want to be with you." She said smiling. I smiled back and she hugged me. "I thought you were dead." She said trying not to cry again. "Same here." I replied. "What happened to you.  Did Jacob do this?" She asked. "Yes but he didn't kill me so that's good...wait how did you know?" I asked shocked. "I told him I was breaking up with him because I wanted to be with you and he went off." She said. I looked stunned at her. "What? Why would you tell him that." I asked. "Because its the truth." She said getting out of the hospital bed. "But...but...did you know he would do this?" I asked her. She looked at me hurt and she started to cry. "No. How could you say that?" She said as the doctor came in. She ran past him and out the door. "Oh god. What did I just do." I said, face palming. "Harry." The doctor said. "You've broken 3 ribs, you have a black eye, and you sprained your wrist. Do you know who did this to you?" He asked. "Yeah his name is Jacob. Jacob Pratt." I replied. He nodded. "I called your mom and shes on her way. You can leave after we put your cast on." He said I nodded and he left.


Abigail's P.O.V.-

  Great. I ruined my chance with Harry. Again. The hospital sent Zayn and I home but I was to stay at home tomorrow. This sucks. My arems heart. I have a headace. Harry is hurt and hates me. And I don't know what happened to Jacob. I tried calling HArry as soon as I got home. It was like the 10th time when he answered. "What?" He asked angrily. "Harry is that you?" I asked not recognizing his tone. "Yes, what do you want?" He asked again. "I just wanted to know if your ok." I asked sencerly. "Yea im fine. Just have a cast on." He said softlinf his tone a little. "Oh. Im sorry." I said. He got very angry and said, "Your sorry! That's all you can say. Well im sorry too that I even was going to tell you." I just looked at the phone shocked. "What?" I asked. "How could you say that." He laughed and said, "How could I not. You humiliated me, almost got me killed, and are going to be the cause of my humiliation at school when everyone laughs at my cast." I just sat there in shock at what he had said. "Wow Harry. That's low." I said. "But you wont get bullied. Mr. Popular. Whatever I have to go." I said, pissed off. "What, no. You called now were gonna finish this." He said. "No.I don't feel like it now." I said, chuckling a little. "Abigail! Listen to me! We are going to talk about this! Meet me tomorrow at the park." He said. "Ok. Whatever what time?" I asked. "7:00. Before school." He said. "K bye." I said hanging up quickly before he coud say anything else. I kind of actually did want to see him. Just not in this situation.

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