Love Buried In Hate

Harry and Abigail are great friends. But when she starts dating Jacob they drift apart. Then she breaks it off with Joacob realizing she wants someone else. Their friendship is mended but will it be for long?


1. Like An Angel

 Abigail's P.O.V.-

  Harry and I are going to the park today. And I haven't quite told him yet that I'm dating Jacob. I don't know what he'll think. I don't know if he'll be happy or pissed. I don't see why he would be angry I just have a feeling he might be. We were going to the park we always meet up in and he would be here to pick me up at 12. It was already 11 so I had just about an hour to get ready. I walk into my bathroom and turned the shower on. I took out my hair tie and let my hair fall down. I do the usual, meaning get undressed, wash the make up of my face, ad take off my jewelry. I look in the mirror slightly disgusted with what I see. I have annoying curly hair that goes down to my shoulders.

   Hi I'm Abigail Rose Tomlinson. I'm 14 and I go to West Cheshire Middle School. I have brown eyes, brown hair, am about 5'2, and am kind of skinny. I live with my brother, Louis and his three bff's; Niall, Zayn and Liam. My best friend is Harry an he is also my crush. Well my ex-crush cause I'm with Jacob now. So I can't have  those feelings. Anyways I get in the shower and when I get out I put on my make up. Well just my mascara and eye liner. Along with a white flowing dress that is strapless with a skinny brown belt and some white flats. I put on my brown necklace that Harry got for my birthday. I has a brown circle at the end with a white bead in the middle. I check in the mirror one last time and decide I look ok, I guess. I waltz down the stairs to find the boys sitting on the couch watching the telly.  I laugh and join them waiting for Harry.


Harry's P.O.V.- 

  I can't wait to see Abigail again. It seems like we haven't seen each other in a long time even though I saw her yesterday at school. I just can't stop thinking about her. Her long curly brown hair is just so beautiful. And when she stares at me with thise big brown gorgeous eyes it makes me wanna melt. Today when we go to the park I'm going to tell her how I feel. I don't know what she'll thinks I don't know if she'll be thrilled or not feel the same way. I don't know why but something in me is saying it won't be good. I'm walking to her house and its only 11:45I usually get there at 12 like always but today I wanted to be early I was just so energized. I walked up to her house and knocked on the door and Zayn got it. "Oh, hey man. Didn't know you were coming over." He said hugging me. I smiled and hugged back. He then called for Abigal after we stopped hugging. He was 17 but still treated me like I was his age. I am only 14 like Abigal. So we go to the same school she was coming down the hall in her big house wearin a white flowy dress that fit her perfectly and flats that were white. She also wore the necklace I got her for her birthday.  She looked so beautiful I just stood there in awe watching her come towards me like an angel. 

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