Love Buried In Hate

Harry and Abigail are great friends. But when she starts dating Jacob they drift apart. Then she breaks it off with Joacob realizing she wants someone else. Their friendship is mended but will it be for long?


5. Im Coming

Louis' P.O.V.-

  As I walked into the hospital I searched for Zayn. I was frantic and ran into a couple walls. I was trying to find him and my sister. God, I just cant believe she did this again. I ran into a nurse and she dropped her clipboard. Being the gentle man that I am I bent down to help her get the papers. "Im so sorry I didn't mean to run into you." She said. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes. "No it was my fault. Im sorry im just in such a hurry." I manage to utter out. She smiles and says, "Oh well are you looking for someone." I nod, tears filling my eyes, and say," Yeah my sister. Her name is Abigail Tomlinson." The woman looks down at her clip board and I just stare at her as she looks for Abigails room number. "Um.." She says still looking. Her hair is so beautiful. Its a nice brown shade but it was in a bun. I would love to see it down. She looked up and says," Room 327." I smiled and thank her. I start to walk away and she calls after me. "Hey!" She says. I stop and turn around, "Yes?" She walks closer to me and says, "Im Eleanor by the way. If you need anything." I smile thank her and walk away. I see an elevator that could take me to floor 3. I climb inside thinking about Eleanor, she was so beautiful. But my thoughts are pushed aside as I walk out of the elevator and see Zayn pacing the floor.

    I walk over to him only to see him crying his eyes out. "Zayn!" I call. We meet and he hugs me. His phone begins to ring and as he pulls it out and pushes the botton he faints. "Help." I hear. I check the caller I.D. and see I says Harry. "Harry?" I ask. "" He moans in agony. "Where are you?" I ask. Niall walks in and grabs Zayn, seeing I have only one hand. "" He says. I could tell he was weak so I said,"Im coming!" And hung up. I ran back to the elevator but I was taking to long. I found a stairway and ran down it. The school was to the right and past our house. I ran and ran until I found the school. "Where the hell do you think your going?!" I heard a voice say. I ran around to the football field and saw a guy running towards Harry. He was running away but was to weak and feel. I looked for something to throw at him and found a bottle, it was glass. Just as Harry fell and the guy was about to punch him I threw the bottle Thanks to me playing baseball as pitcher I had very well aim. It hit him in the head and he fell. I figured he was knocked out so I ran to Harry and picked him up. I ran back to the hospital and doctors took him away as I came in. Damn why is everyone fainting or getting hurt.


Zayn's P.O.V.-

     I woke up in a hospital room next to someone. My eyes had to adjust to the light my when I came to I saw I was next to Abigail. I tired to get up but when I moved a nurse came in and pushed me back down. "No, no, no. You cant get up you may faint again." She said. "Louis. Get Louis." I said. She left the room and came back with Louis. "Lou, im so sorry I couldn't get to her in time. She came in crying and then she went up stairs and was talking to this Jacob guy. She broke up with him and he got angry and said he was going to kill Harry. She was just so upset and when I tried to save her she had already..." I said. But he cut me off. "Zayn, its fine she just took some pills." He started. "Shes alive. But about Harry. I found him at the school and some kid was beating him up. I got him here but he was pretty bad." Zayn looked stunned. "So that kid did try to kill Harry." He asked. I nodded. "What happened to Harry?" Abigail said sitting up. "Oh, hun, nothing." I said pushing her down. "Its not nothing I heard something about Harry being killed." She said as she started crying. "No he just..." I started but a doctor came in and told me to walk over to Zayn. He said Abigail's heart rate was going up and she needed to calm down. I nodded as they gave her a drug and she fell asleep. "Harry." She moaned before she was fully asleep.

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