Love Buried In Hate

Harry and Abigail are great friends. But when she starts dating Jacob they drift apart. Then she breaks it off with Joacob realizing she wants someone else. Their friendship is mended but will it be for long?


3. Help!

Abigail's P.O.V.-

 I realized that Harry liked me and that I liked him to. I ran home crying. I tried to call Jacob but he went off. He was going to try to hurt Harry. Great. I just broke his heart and Jacob's and now he's going to get beaten because of me. I couldn't take it. I hadn't done it in a long times not since Harry went away for summer camp and was angry with me. I hate it when he is angry at me or sad because of me. And now he was going to get beaten because of me. I searched through my doors am found it. My knife. I always kept it in my drawer in case. I grabbed it and went into my bathroom ad locked the door. I started to cut while I was crying. Then I heard Zayn call my name, "Abs?" He said. I knew he would figure out what I was doing so I opened my bathroom cabinet and pulled out my sleeping pills. "Abs no! Don't do this Abigail open the door." He pounded on the dire and I muttered, "I'm sorry." Before I popped 4 pills in my mouth. I sealed and just as he broke through the door I fell to the ground. Then everything went blurry and I was asleep. 


Zayn's P.O.V.-

i kicked in the door and she fell onto the ground. I screamed her name as her eyes closed but she just continue to fall. I thought she'd cut to deep and was passing out from blood loss. I picked her up. And ran out of the house. The nearest hospital was 5 minutes away walking distance but I had a car. I didn't are I just started running. I ran her into the hospital an doctors and nurses hooked her up to machines and took her away."Abigail!" I screamed. I sat down waiting for them to come back with results. I was real stressed but I called Louis to tell him. He rushed down. As he came in an hugged me. the stress took over and I started to pass out. Just as I was falling asleep Harry called but all I heard before I fell was," Help." Then I passed out into Louis' arms.

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