Love Buried In Hate

Harry and Abigail are great friends. But when she starts dating Jacob they drift apart. Then she breaks it off with Joacob realizing she wants someone else. Their friendship is mended but will it be for long?


8. Call Me Master

Harry's P.O.V.-


  Abs looked so scared. It was kind of cute but I couldn't let her know. I liked being in control, having her shiver everytime I got close to her. I laughed when she jumped. "Shut up." She said. I was going to laugh again but I wanted to scare her. I got up and got in her face, "What did you say to me!?" I yelled. She shivered and curled up Covering her face and saying, "Im sorry. Im sorry." I laughed and picked her up bridal style. To be funny I put her in Gemmas old room and left her there in the dark. I grabbed a black blanket and went to the back porch. She came down, "Harry. Don't be cruel. Where are you." She called. She went to the glass window and obviously didn't see me. She looked out and I put my hand and face on the door. "Ahh!" She screamed. I laughed as she ran up the stairs crying. I came inside and still laughing got some water. I locked the house up and went into my room. Not bothering to look for her to see if she was ok. I didn't hear her open my door while I was changing. I took off my pants and boxers. She laughed at seeing me naked and knew I hadn't seen. I looked at her, my cheeks flushed. She laughed again. "What do you want!" I screamed and she shut rigt up. "I-im scared to s-sleep alone. I-I was w-wondering if I could s-sleep w-with you?" She asked stuttering. "Whatever." I said, not caring. Then I got a brilliant idea. "Hey!." I said stopping her from climbing in my bed. I grabbed my varsity jacket. "Put this on." I said, smiling. She went to put it on but I stopped her. "No, no. Strip into your underwear and bra and then wear it." I said seductively into her ear.

   She looked shocked but started to undress. She took off her shirt and I felt myself harden. She started to take off her shorts and I got in bed. Not wanting her to see my bulge growing. She was in her bra and a thong and I couldn't take it anymore I had to look away. I looked away then felt her get into bed. She brushed against my leg and I reached full hardness. She cuddled up to my arm and whispered seductively, "Baby." I turned and opened my eyes to see her pressing her boobs against my arm and looking up at me like a little girl. "What." I said. "Cuddle me." She pleaded. "No, im going to bed." I said and closed my eyes and faced the ceiling. I knew she would try something and try something she did. She got on top of me and sat on my stomach. She blew on my face to annoy me and after figuring that wouldn't work she slid down to my still hard length. She put her butt up to it and my eyes immediately opened. She smiled. "What?" I asked. She laughed. "Harry I know you just want control this is all a game." She said.

   I smiled at her, she thought she'd really figured it out. I rolled her over so I was on top and looked at her. I stared into her eyes. She really was beautiful but she hurt me so now its my turn. I crashed my lips into hers. She wouldn't let me in so I grabbed her vag and she was already wet. She moaned and I took my chance. I explored her mouth and it was glorious. I reached under my bed and found my tie. I broke the kiss and tied her to my head board. She laughed and said, "What are you doing hun?" I smacked her. "Im not ur hun." I said my eyes lustful. Her smile turned to a scared look. I smiled and whispered into her ear," I control you now. You think this is a game well be ready to brace your self. You hurt me so now its my turn." I pulled away and she was shivering. "Oh and one more thing." I said. I took off her thong and opened her legs. "Call me master." I said.


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