Dreams do come true.

Abbie and Kristan meet One direction. Abbie meets Harry and Kristan meets Niall.They travel the world for a tour to find them. They meet on a plane when Niall lost his phone. And Harry lost his keys ......But all was just a dream untill now........READ the story to find out what happens next.


8. What just happened?

All of the people met up at Buger King. Then they had a diccusion. Something was wrong. They were going to Have to travel somewhere far away from their wives. But they can not take them. So Kristan and Abbie decided to go and visit their parents in their hometown. But this time there was a note and police around the house. Dad went crazy and shot momma. Then he ran butt naked into a girl that was 6 years old and raped her. In a few mins.........


BEEP BEEP BEEP....6:30!! It was an alarm clock. They were not 20 and married anymore they were 12 and dorks. So it was all just a dream....

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