Dreams do come true.

Abbie and Kristan meet One direction. Abbie meets Harry and Kristan meets Niall.They travel the world for a tour to find them. They meet on a plane when Niall lost his phone. And Harry lost his keys ......But all was just a dream untill now........READ the story to find out what happens next.


7. Troubles:(

Niall and Kristan were talking about getting married and Niall bent down.He said Kristan will you marry me? Umm.. I don't know what to say.I guess yes yes. Ok so then they were in the bathroom. And all you heard was ahhh and ohhhhh. A little girl came in and crawled under their stall. And she asked Niall what is that thing? He kicked her and kept going. 

Meanwhile, with Abbie and Harry, They were talking about that man. She said it was her father and he is upset with her for getting married. He said before too long she would have a baby and never come to visit. Harry told her she will send a man to kill him. But that was no answer. So she called him and told him to never talk to them again. Then that was the end of that. But another bad thing was the paparazzi, They were taking pictures of them.  Abbie got a call from her friend back home named Jessica. She said she had a new boyfriend. And his name was Trey. And that she had 2 twin babies. Their names were Maddie and Sammy. They were 2 girls. She sent me a picture on snap chat and they were so cute. 

Then Kristan and Niall,were in Niall's bed room talking about what they were going to tell to Harry and Abbie.So they went to Harry's house and told them what they did in his bed room.Abbie said wow and Harry said what was it like. I said you are a idot Harry.

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