Dreams do come true.

Abbie and Kristan meet One direction. Abbie meets Harry and Kristan meets Niall.They travel the world for a tour to find them. They meet on a plane when Niall lost his phone. And Harry lost his keys ......But all was just a dream untill now........READ the story to find out what happens next.


6. The Big Talk

Up in tree house talking. Niall says,"Did you tell Kristan what I said." Yes you told me I could ."said Abbie "I know I told you could but I didn't  think you would tell her."said Niall Well I sorry I just heard you say I could tell her and plus she needs to tell you something." said Abbie "What is it?"said Niall "Well she likes you too."said Abbie "She dose?" said Niall. "Yes." Well, I don't belive you." said Niall. "Well do you want me to go ask her or go get her to tell you."said Abbie "Yes."said Niall. After a while we found out Abbie and Harry were going to date. And Niall and Kristan were also.  They had made a plan for tomorrow for a duble date.  And they drove the sisters home. In the morning they were almost ready when a knock at the door came and they were informed that their momma had went back to their home town. And left them money for a car and a house. They were going to live there. But of course she would miss her kids. So now they are on their date. Niall and harry lean in to the girls and kissed them.  Kristan made the moment and freaked out. Abbie asked if Harry and her could go to his house. He said yea. And they were off. Niall and Kristan went to his house. Harry and Abbie were in Harry room kiss and Niall and Kristan were in Niall room. His kiss was passionate. After we were done i told him i was going to take a shower.  After i was done taking a shower i got dressed. He made us breakfast. 

On with Harry and Abbie, they were making breakfeast and Harry asked her to marry him and move in with him. He pulled out a shiny blue box and opened it. I was going to cry. He said "Abbie I love you and need you in my life. Will you marry me and live with me forever? Abbie said yeah and they decided not to have a wedding just to hang out with a few friends at the beach. So when they were getting married a strange man looked at Abbie. She went to the man and talked. No one knows what about. 


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