Dreams do come true.

Abbie and Kristan meet One direction. Abbie meets Harry and Kristan meets Niall.They travel the world for a tour to find them. They meet on a plane when Niall lost his phone. And Harry lost his keys ......But all was just a dream untill now........READ the story to find out what happens next.


1. Life in the dark

Not all kids are like Abbie and Kristan. They are lonely and most people think about having a future and getting good grades. But all the two twin sisters thought about was meeting One direction. Abbie loved Harry and wondered if she will ever meet him. Kristan loved Niall and wants to kiss that cute little face. So they spent life in the dark with no social life. All they cared about was one direction. People say One direction is gay. And what is wrong with that? One direction is amazing...... "Hey kids get down here." They ran down stairs and into the living room where their parents were hiding something behind their backs. "What is that?" Abbie questioned softly. "Yeah momma, What is it?" Remained Kristan.  "Well me and your father have got passes for the One Direction world tour." said Sammy (their mum). "Ahhhhhhh OH MY GOD." said Kristan,"I will meet Niall." "And I will meet HARRY."Said Abbie.  The next day they were packing for the 7 hour flight. After a few hours of packing they took of to the air port. There they seen what seemed to be Niall and Harry. But they didn't have time to say anything. "Flight 12 is taking off in 5 mins." screamed the lady at front. The family ran to the plane and just before they knew it they were off into the air. Niall and Harry stood up and asked everyone if they had seen their phone. That was the perfect chance to really meet them. Maybe their dreams would actually come true. Maybe dreams do come true.

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