Dreams do come true.

Abbie and Kristan meet One direction. Abbie meets Harry and Kristan meets Niall.They travel the world for a tour to find them. They meet on a plane when Niall lost his phone. And Harry lost his keys ......But all was just a dream untill now........READ the story to find out what happens next.


5. In the hospital

Well turns out mom had a stroke and nearly died. But we got her to the hospital before she died. The doctor came back with the test results and turns out she had to stay 5 days. Which is bad because she has to drive us places. And we don't have our license. *RING, RING* Kristan pulled her phone and read the name "Niall."   Niall says,"Can you come to our House so we can talk." No we can't right now cause are mom is in the hospital."said Kristan " Well can you ask her if you can come right know please cause I need to talk to the both of you."said Niall. "Well i can ask her." "Okay thanks I have to go bye."bye."So we ask our mom if we can go to Niall's place to talk and she said. "yes but how are you getting there?" Well Abbie remembered that their house was just down the street So she stood up and said, "We will just walk." So they walked and walked until finally a big blue and black house was standing in front of their eyes. The two sisters walked up to the door with flames on it and knocked louder than a train flying past. Thats when Niall came up to the door and told them to come in. They did and Niall's house was bigger than Harry's for sure. It had 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 addicts, and the biggest living room and kitchen you have ever seen in the world. We went out side and  there was a playground and swings and also a big tree we could climb up to get to a tree house.And thats what we did we went all the way up to the tree to reach the tree house. It was green and blue. YAY!!!!!!!


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