Love Over Life

Krissy's life is hard enough having to move multiple times a year, transferring schools, and putting up with a strict dad who expects her to be perfect, but someone along the way makes a mark. Having to move with her overly protective dad for his job gets rough and meeting a perfect boy was never her plan. He was in the same position as her, and she knew from the moment she laid eyes on him that he was special. Not to mention he was the quarterback of the football team and the highest scoring student in the grade, along with her. But can jealousy ruin their relation and jeopardize their lives?


13. The Plan?

*Alisha's POV*
I run onto the field cheering just in time to make the team's running in. Just as the game started I noticed Harry glance up into benches to find her. 
"Hey! Start cheering!" I yell to the girls. They obey my command and I see Harry focus back at the kickoff. God was he perfect. I still had until about half-time until I could talk to him, but until then I would have to play along as the good girl. Oh God. A thought occurred to me right then. What about the other girls that were with her. I glanced up and saw they were walking out of the door, toward the concessions. 
"I'll be back!" I yell at the girls. I put on a sweatshirt and run over toward the stands. Oh god. What were there names? Perrie! She was the only one I knew. I had started talking to her for a few days, but she wasn't my type. 
"Perrie!" They all turn over to me. 
"What are you doing over here? Aren't you supposed to be cheering?" 
"Oh,  I just had a bad stomach ache! I thought maybe I should wait for at least half of the game before I go back out there"
"Well good choice." I knew she didn't like me. Probably because I turned her away, but I just had to get her to like me for 5 seconds. "Do you know where Krissy is?"
"No!" God that was to quick. "I mean no she isn't here, she just walked in on my way here." Oh god. They all turned away and walked back into the stadium. I had to take this opportunity to get Krissy away. Out of here. I get on my phone and call the only man that I knew that would be good for this job. My ex. Blake.
*Krissy's POV*
I'm freaking out, although there is no possible other way to show it, there are tears streaming down my face. I don't know what I have gotten myself into. I don't know what I did wrong. Emptiness takes over my brain after what feels like ages in this room. I hear the whispers go down outside, gradually over what is probably a half hour. I can hear the screams inside the stadium as the game is about to start. This was definitely not how I imagined my first football game going. I'm so scared that I don't even know how to respond or act. Everything is just mixed up inside of me. After about another 45 minutes I see the door open a crack and jump back. 
There in the door frame stood a man that was easily a foot taller than me. If my mouth wasn't taped, and my feet and hands weren't tied together, I would be running for my life. It was just that kind of feeling. He walks right over to me and rips the tape off my mouth and covers it with his hand. 
"Hey Babe" He says kneeling beside me. 
"Who are you? And what do you want with me!?" He lunges over to me but  I kick him hard in the stomach. He grunts.
He pushes his hand down harder into my mouth and says,"Feisty one I see" He smirks a little. He quickly puts the tape back on my mouth as I am struggling to make a noise and get away. He throws me over his shoulder and strides back over to a car and throws me into the backseat. 
"Better stay on my good side, or else your in for it." I am exhausted from struggling to get free, but it's no use. No one is here and no one will see me. After a long drive of me listening about his past relationship with Alisha, we finally reach a house. It seems like it is the only cabin in a deserted area. On the way here I didn't see any houses or sign of people for a couple miles out. 
"Alright now. There is no one else here so it doesn't matter what happens here. I am coming back in the morning, but I kept some food in there. Oh, and don't even try coming out. The doors will be locking inside out, same as the windows, and any other place you can escape." He says while bringing me into the house and placing me down. He loosens my hands and disappears so fast that my head had any time to react. 
I swiftly untie my hands and feet and struggle to get up. 
I walk around the cabin, it was no bigger than a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. As I try any escapes, the doors and windows, and everything else for that matter, is shut tight. I'm going to die. There is nothing here for me. I go sit on the edge of the bed and stay place for as long as I can remember before falling asleep.
*Harry's POV*
Where is she? Every time I glance up, she isn't there. I saw her leave right before the start of the game, but no one stays out for almost half of the game. I see Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor looking everywhere, but until halftime I'm stuck here. 
Right as halftime is called, I run as fast as I can to get over to the girls. I see Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall right behind me.
As I approach them, Louis asks me, "You alright mate?".
I ignore him and turn to the girls and say, "Where is she?".
"We don't know Harry" El says. Tears were formed in her eyes about to fall." We looked everywhere, she isn't here" Louis pulls her into a hug.
"I have to go" I brush past them. I didn't care about the rest of the game. I cared about her. I didn't care what would happen if I missed the second half of the game or about my dad, or team mates. I cared what was happening to her. 
Alisha walks up over to me, I knew she had something to do with this. 
"Where is she?!" I ask her almost yelling.
"Who? That girl you brought along?" 
"Krissy. She has a name. Where is she?"
"Oh. Well I don't know. Why would I care? But I did see her walk out of the stadium, she got in her car and left"
"Oh, she got in her car?" 
"And left?"
"Yeah, what do you want?" What did I want? Seriously, what kind of question is that? She was lying. Krissy had no car.
"Oh nothing" I relax. Only if for a minute. But inside, I'm in the biggest rush ever. 
"So, there is a big party at my house next week. Be there?" 
"Sure" I turn around and walk away. Hell. Of course I wouldn't go.  We went separate ways as I go towards my car. I see Niall walking beside me. I turn to see Liam and Danielle on the other side. I see the others going in their other car. 
"We are coming with you. It's not a question" Liam says. 
We gather into the car. I have no idea where I'm going. But I start driving as the others follow. I have only known this girl for less than a week and I was head over heels. I couldn't believe I could let this happen. It was my fault, I shouldn't have brought her here. 
*Louis's POV*
At first I thought Harry was over reacting, but honestly I would have done the same.  I bet he doesn't know where we're going, but the boys and I are with him. No one really cares about the rest of the game. It's all our parents. They force us to be in football, and although we have fun and everything playing, they take it too far. We all know we will be in deep trouble when we get back. But who cares? The boys and I have had enough, we don't care anymore. Krissy is a nice girl, and I've only talked to her a few times, but I can see she is special to Harry. She isn't just another girl for the night. 
*Krissy's dream/flashback*
"MOM!" Everything was a blur around me. I couldn't see anything, it all seemed like the world was spinning. I was falling in and out of consciousness and I see people around me. Red and blue flashing lights while sirens were heard. People were talking to me, but I couldn't reply. 
The next place I woke up was a hospital. I look around to see I am strapped down down with tubes in my nose and needles in my arms. 
I see a shadow of someone walk in, I remember everything. 
"Is she ok" I needed to know if my mom was ok.
"I'm sorry, she didn't make it" I was shocked. It seemed as if my whole world crashed around me. This had to be a dream. It couldn't be real. It just can't.
*end of flashback* 

*Author's Note*
Hey guys! I'm sorry I took so long to update! I was really busy with exams and final projects, but school is finally done! I'm going to be updating a lot more now! Thank you for being so patient! Anyways, please leave a comment telling me what your favorite part of the story is, your feelings on what is happening, or anything else hahaha! Also, please like and favorite this movella? Please? Thank you guys so much for the support! 

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