Love Over Life

Krissy's life is hard enough having to move multiple times a year, transferring schools, and putting up with a strict dad who expects her to be perfect, but someone along the way makes a mark. Having to move with her overly protective dad for his job gets rough and meeting a perfect boy was never her plan. He was in the same position as her, and she knew from the moment she laid eyes on him that he was special. Not to mention he was the quarterback of the football team and the highest scoring student in the grade, along with her. But can jealousy ruin their relation and jeopardize their lives?


7. The End of my First Day

*Krissy's POV* 

My dad came around the curb and pulled up right in front of the school, and I quickly got in and he then drove off.

"Soo, how was your first day?" Ugh, I knew this was coming, I just couldn't handle him knowing everything I did every second of the day.

"Yeah, it was good"

"What did you do?" 

"Um, basically made a good impression on my teachers and didn't talk to anyone like you told me,"

"Oh, so are you in all the highest classes?" Should I tell him that there's another student that is in the same classes as me? No, I couldn't. He already expects so much of me, I couldn't handle another standard. 

"Obviously, all honors classes, and one of the highest scoring students."

"One of the?"

"No, the highest scoring student, dad" I knew this may not be entirely true, but it may be.

"Ok, good to hear"

We pulled into the driveway and I practically ran into the house and into my bedroom. I went and sat right on my bed, then I picked up my phone and looked through my unread texts. I still remember when I got this phone two years ago, before my mothers death, and it was the Blackberry. I had't really looked at the texts at school; reason one being I didn't want to get caught and reason two being I didn't feel like replying to anyone.

I saw it was a text from my old friend Alyssa who had done singing classes with me and we had been friends ever since.

How is your new school?


Did you start singing classes again?


I had made a promise to myself that I would never sing again after my mother died, and I would keep that promise until the day I meet her in heaven.

You really should think about it though. You are such a good singer.

Thanks, but that wont happen.

Just consider it.


So where did you move to?


REALLY? What school do you go to?

Cheshire High School, Why?

My cousin, Emily goes there too!

Really? That's cool, does she have blonde hair?

YES! Did you see her?

Yeah, actually I talked to her, too. She's really nice!

Yes I know, she tells me all about your school...

Like what???

Like there is a lot of cute guys there;)

Hahaha yeah... did she name any names?

Yeah, a kid named Harry Styles, apparently he makes every girl fall in love at first sight hahaha!

Wow, I talked to him yesterday, he walked me to my classes, at least in the morning he did.

Wow your so lucky!


He is like the captain of the football team and the smartest kid in the grade. 

I have the same schedule as him...

Yeah, you know what I mean. Your the smartest person ever, but for a guy thats pretty impressive!

Yeah, I guess...

All of a sudden I hear knocking on my door.  

I have to go!

Ok thats fine! BYE!<3


"Krissy, get down for dinner we have to eat so you can go to sleep early!"


What time must it have been? I glance at the clock and notice it was 6 and quickly get up. I rush downstairs to eat the pasta I knew he was making because I could smell it upstairs. My dad's cooking has always been good because one of his first jobs was as a professional chef, so he's learned a lot from that experience.

After eating it was like 7 and my dad expected me to go to sleep. How could I go to sleep with so much on my mind? 

I go and wash my face off and scrub all the make-up off from school. I brush my teeth and changed into some pajama pants and put my hair into a ponytail. I jump onto my bed and start to do what I do every single day. Think.

So today went pretty great. I figured out that I had been talking to the most amazing boy in the world, and I could tell. There was something genuine about him. I know I should stop thinking about him because I probably scared him off. He never came back to help me find my classes after his football meeting. What if he hated me? He probably did, don't most people nowadays? I wonder what my dad would do if he figured out that there was another smart student in my grade. The last image I had in my mind was the same boy with curls peeking out of his orange beanie, and I drifted off to sleep.



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