Love Over Life

Krissy's life is hard enough having to move multiple times a year, transferring schools, and putting up with a strict dad who expects her to be perfect, but someone along the way makes a mark. Having to move with her overly protective dad for his job gets rough and meeting a perfect boy was never her plan. He was in the same position as her, and she knew from the moment she laid eyes on him that he was special. Not to mention he was the quarterback of the football team and the highest scoring student in the grade, along with her. But can jealousy ruin their relation and jeopardize their lives?


3. New House

*Krissy's POV*

I was inside my new home, and for the first time in quite a while I had a pleasurable thought. This reminded me of the place I would call home with my mum. I hated how everyone was forcing me to get rid of those memories, and they are memories not nightmares. They are meant to look back to and smile, not the other way around. 

I took a walk around the house and noticed a very large living room, a big family room, a decorated dining room, and a large kitchen that I knew my mother would have enjoyed. I quickly scanned this floor again and headed to make my way downstairs. I was suprised that it already had the furniture in it, and it was finished. I looked down there to a few more rooms and as I walked to open doors I saw at least 5 large bedrooms on this floor alone. As I was opening the last door there was a large noise that came from upstairs, and I quickly ran to see what it was. 

I noticed the movers were all ready here and they were putting all the furniture into the house, something probably fell in the process. I wanted to go back downstairs to see what that last room was soo badly, but I saw my dad was walking toward me. 

"So, how did you like the bedrooms downstairs Krissy?" He asked calmly. 

"I love them a lot!" I replied to him.

"Did you like  the theater and game room?" He smiled.

"THE WHAT!" I ran to the stairs and almost fell on my way down them. 

I quickly opened to see the last door lead to another two more doors inside. I took a moment ot choose which one I would open first, but there was not a lot of thinking to do. I opened the theater door and gawked at what lay in front of me. It was the biggest theater you would ever see, it reminded me of one just in the movie theater. I couldn't believe it, the chairs were all so comfy looked and I hopped right into one.

The moment when I realized that there was still a game room was priceless. I nearly tripped over my feet to see what was behind that door, but I thought my eyes fooled me. A grand, red room with all sorts of different games from pinball machines to a pool table. There was even one of my favorites, ping-pong!

I slowly made my way up the stairs because I had a whole other level to look through. 

When I reached the top of the rooms I saw the only room that was unfinished was a huge master bedroom. I made my way to the bathroom and peeked inside. There was legit a gaccuzi and the fanciest shower you would have ever seen, and there was a walk in closet! I took a quick look at a few other bedrooms until I reached the one at the end of the hall. There it was, I knew this would be my bedroom because none of the others contained my bed sheets and items. As I opened the door the first thing I see is a huge window that I walked towards. I realized it opened and it took seconds to open it, I look out and notice a balcony. I took a step out onto the balcony and stayed there as the wind blew on my face. I could stand there forever. 

After a while I thought it was time to look around my real room. I turned around and couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before! It was enormous! The walls were painted a subtle pink and the carpet was a white color. There laid my bed with a pretty purple sheet on top. Over to the side was a large dresser and as I peered around there was another one in the far corner. As I turned to the left I noticed another door, I reached to see what was behind it. It was my own bathroom! There was a HUGE walk in closet and a hot tub and a shower. I couldn't express all my feelings into words.

I knew it was time to go to sleep because there was a long day ahead of me tomorrow so after everyone left my house me and my dad parted ways into our bedrooms. I sat on my bed thinking the same reoccurring thought for what seemed like forever before I actually fell asleep. 

 "How could my dad out of all people afford this grand of a house?"


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