Love Over Life

Krissy's life is hard enough having to move multiple times a year, transferring schools, and putting up with a strict dad who expects her to be perfect, but someone along the way makes a mark. Having to move with her overly protective dad for his job gets rough and meeting a perfect boy was never her plan. He was in the same position as her, and she knew from the moment she laid eyes on him that he was special. Not to mention he was the quarterback of the football team and the highest scoring student in the grade, along with her. But can jealousy ruin their relation and jeopardize their lives?


1. Here We Go Again

*Dad's point of view*

"KRISSY! Come down here now!" I screamed not caring how loud I was, and making sure that she understood the urgency I Had in my tone.

"I'm coming!" Was all I heard as a response.

We only lived in this house for a few months now, and even though I know this has been hard on Krissy after everything that has happened in the past. This should probably get easier for me to tell my daughter that we were moving again after having to repeat the same lecture every time, but it wasn't. It only got harder as time went on, but sure as anything in this world i would never admit it to her. Besides how hard was it to make a few more friends and maintain straight A's?

*Krissy's POV*

My dad is always in keeping an eye on me, its like he has a spy looking at me 24/7. He doesn't even understand me, or anything I do. He should atleast know that I am still suffering, mom was everything to me. I don't even know how I can ever talk to him because every time I start a conversation with him it always turns out to be, "you should study more" or "Do better next time". It's like...

"KRISSY! Come down here now!" I hear him scream. Perfect. Talk about inside voices.

"I'm coming!" That was all I said. I was coming. Probably not doing anything else. Just walking downstairs from my bedroom to face him, and coming right back to study some more. 

I scurried down the stairs knowing that he was waiting. It was probably that iI got an A on my last math test and he wants to know why i didn't do better. 

"We're moving." He spits out.

"I got a better job that pays more and is more suitable for my liking. I talked with all your teachers and the school to make arrangements. Everything has been planned out and you're new school will be just as high class. You probably know what to do, but pack all your thing because we are leaving tonight!" He emphasizes the word "tonight".

 "Oh" I couldn't say anything else. 

I ran back upstairs and sat in a corner. I thought this was a suitable job and he told me before that this was an amazing job and we would be staying here for quite a bit. I couldn't think but I knew this was coming. I made a few new friends here, but I was sure they would forget about me and i would probably be alone again. It was always hard starting over. It was a whole new life, in a whole new school, and a whole new city.

The word city reminded me that i never asked where we would be moving. I got up to go and ask, but why did I care anyways. We were bound to move again in a few months time anyways. 

I started cleaning my whole closet out because all i was supposed to bring were my clothes. Everything else was coming a day later in a truck to my new house that I will soon be at. I prepared myself for my new life. Ugh a whole new life.

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