Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


3. Wink? Eye twitch? Wish I knew

                 It was the boy who had been staring at me the entire day. I had no clue he could play guitar.. mind you, I didn't know his name, so this wasn't a surprise. 

                 "Yeah, I am, you play?" I asked him, though the first question probably should of been "What's your name?" or "Who the hell are you, and why have you been stalking me?" but that seemed too forward, huh?

                 "Yep!" He had nice eyes. 

                 "Soooo..... what's your name?" I'm terrible at small talk.

                  "Niall, and you are...", he glanced at the poster he held in the hand that wasn't supporting the guitar, "Brinley Meyers, pretty name" he smiled. His teeth were straight from the braces pulling at them. He had blue eyes and tousled blonde hair. He was a given bit taller than me, but wasn't a skyscraper. His eyes were softer than Cade's.... Friendlier. It was nice. I smiled back at him and motioned towards the paper. 

                   "So your willing to take a shot at trying to teach me?" I asked him with a half smile. 

                   "Definitely, no charge though", WHAT? I couldn't possibly take him up on that offer, no way! 

                   "No way! I'm paying you!" I said, he shook his head and smiled, this time without his teeth. He was cute. 

                   "No your not, you wouldn't be looking for a guitar teacher on the street if you had a billion dollars to go blow at Abercrombie in NYC. It's no big deal, I'm not dying to make some money, think of it as a gift", he protested. 

                 "I don't know, I couldn't, it wouldn't feel right", I argued back, I would really feel terrible not paying him.

                  "Fine. You can pay me five dollars per lesson, I won't take anymore", then he gave me a stern look. I pushed his shoulder lightly, and laughed. 

                  "Alright, but just for that, your being paid all in coins", I stuck my tongue out at him, and waved a 2 pound coin his face. He stuck his tongue out as well and shoved a piece of paper in my hand while he turned to walk away, strumming once again on his Denvor. I looked down at  the sheet and saw his number and an arrow pointing to the other side of the paper. There I found a stick man holding a guitar and smiling. I took out my Sidekick and punched in his number. Maybe today wouldn't be as long as I thought. 

                  I walked to second cup which was just down the road, and ordered a mocha late. I sat and drank my late on the bench outside. It was becoming dusk, and I closed my eyes to breathe in the fresh outside air. The light breeze blew my hair behind me, but it was warm so I didn't mind. Just as I took out my phone to text Niall about when the lessons would be, Cade jogged by and stopped right in front of me. 

                  "Hey Meyers", he winked, and jogged on down the street. What just happened? Cade just stopped and winked at me. This being the guy who never wasted a glance on me. Who dated all the cutest girls in school, and only talked to me when we were forced to be partners in Chem. The same guy who just recently saw me and tried his hardest to ignore me and slip away. Not a chance, there had to be something in his eye.

                  I secretly wished to see Niall again, and stop thinking about Cade, and what that "wink" could have meant. I just caught the bus, and took my seat near the back. As I texted Niall to simply hangout tomorrow, I started thinking. Today was way longer than my thoughts dared to wonder in the beginning. 

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