Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


9. Over Again


           NIALL'S P.O.V

Zayn was outside, Liam was asleep, and Harry and Louis were shit faced. That left me, and the scream she let out sounded like she was being murdered, I couldn't ignore it. It hadn't occurred to me that she could have been in the shower. 

"Zayns outsi-" I stopped, and turned away, blushing, realizing she had just gotten out of the shower. 

"Uh, d- do you want me to get Zayn or uhm?" I was tripping over my words, nervous and embarrassed aren't a good mix. 

"Yeah, uhm, there's a friggin spider in the uhm, uh, the shower," she said motioning towards the shampoo bottle. Oh that's not a big deal. 

"Oh, uh, I'll kill it," I muttered. 

"Yeah, uhm, uh, thanks," she sounded just as nervous as me when she spoke. 

"No big deal," I mumbled, smiling sadly at her. 

"Listen Niall, I don't want it to be like this," her words took me by surprise. 

"Wha- what?" I stuttered, turning to look at her. 

"I don't know if we broke up, hell, I don't even know if we were officially together, but Niall, I miss you, I do, and I know I absolutely did overreact at your flat that night an-" I didn't let her finish, I put my hands on her back, and pulled her to me. I was going for a hug, but she leaned up, and kissed me softly on the lips. 

            BRINLEY'S P.O.V 

I smiled after him as he stepped out of the bathroom, allowing me to get dressed. I threw on some jean shorts, and a dark blue American eagle hoodie. I let my wet hair hang, seeing as I was going to bed shortly. I walked out of the bathroom, and into the kitchen. I walked up behind Niall, and hugged him around the waist, leaning up on my tiptoes, to lay my chin on his shoulder. He turned his head, and kissed my cheek. 

"I'm sorry about everything, babe," I whispered. He just turned around, and held me to him, with his arms around my shoulders, my arms around his waist. 

"You don't need to apologize, now come on, lets go to bed," Niall whispered into my hair, and with that we were off to sleep. 


         BRINLEY'S P.O.V 

I woke up with Niall's arms around my waist, and that was the absolute best feeling in the world. I wriggled out of his grip, and into the kitchen. I was in the midst of making a cup of tea when I felt arms around my waist. I turned around, but was greeted by Lou's face, and not Niall. 

"Uhm, lou, watcha doin?" I asked with a giggle, knowing he was still kind of drunk, and hungover. 

"Oh, sorry, Bri, thought you were El," he said groggily, pressing his right hand to his forehead, leaving his left on my waist. 

"Well El's not coming till tomorrow, and you can take your hand off my waist now, you drunk," I said, taking his hand away, and laughing at him. 

"Sorry Bri," he mumbled, almost falling over, holy crap how much did this lad drink last night?

"Lou, come sit down, I'll make you some tea, how much did you drink last night?" I asked him, brushing his messy hair away from his sweaty forehead.  

"Only two or three bears," Louis lied. I started laughing loudly, but stopped right away when Lou groaned, and I realized everyone was still asleep. 

"Lou, you and Hazz got inna fight, cause you claimed you stole his cat Molly," I giggled, setting a cup of yorkshire tea down in front of him. 

"Oh, maybe I had a few more then I thought, thanks by the way," he said lifting the mug to his lips. 

"You're such an idiot," I laughed. He stuck his lower lip out, trying to look hurt, but failing. 

I threw my head back laughing, when I felt another pair of hands on my hips. If that's Li, looking but Dani, I swear.... But as I turned around, a smile grew on my lips, as Niall's eyes met mine. 

"What're you doing up this early, sleepy?" I said ruffing his blondish brownish hair. 

"I woke up cause someone was laughing, what about you?" he said playfully. 

"This drunk was tripping over himself, and was gonna wake everybody up," I laughed motioning towards Louis.

"Hey dumbass, I know you're whispering, but I can still hear you," Louis said, his face in his hands. I just laughed, and ruffled his hair as well. 

"Aww I'm sawwy boo beaw," I said with a baby voice. 

"Piss off," he said back and I giggled, turning back to Niall, and wrapping my arms around his neck. 

"Soo, you guys are, uhm, likeee," I heard Zayn's deep bradford accent say from the direction of his bed. 

"Yeaaah, I guess so," I said to Zayn. He looked a bit confused, but smiled anyway, and scratched his bare chest. 

"Soooo, I was thinking we could go to six flags, take a break from being stuck in here," I said smiling. 

"Brin, we've only been here from one night, love," Zayn said, winking at me.

"Yeah, well, sitting in an R.V, with 5 drunken lads, and the smell of cologne in the bathroom, takes a toll on a chick," I say matter-o-factly. Zayn and Niall laughed, and I'm pretty sure I even heard Louis chuckle, in his hungover state. 

"Heey, I wasn't drunk," Liam laughed, stepping out from behind the curtain in front of his bed. I laughed at Liam's taking offence to being a "drunken bloke". We heard Harry groan, and he half climbed, half fell down the ladder to the top bunk over the drivers seats. 

"I was, and I'm paying for it right about now, would you mind keeping it down?" Harry groaned again, and I handed him a cup of tea as well, using a napkin to wipe away the sweat beading off his forehead. 

"Aww Hazz, cheer up," I said, pouting at all the drunkards. 

"Let's go to six flags, and have a good time, wooooooo," I yelled, being gifted with a number of groans, and "sshhhushhes". 

I ran around to all the boys, kissing them on the cheek. I stopped at Zayn, and gave him a huuuuuge hug, and a big kiss on the cheek, before moving on to Niall, and kissing him on the mouth. 

"Alrighty, well, Imma go shower since I got interrupted by the biggest fucking spider ever last night, and get dressed, and you all better be ready when it's time to go!" I yelled, rewarded again with groans.

"Listen babe, maybe you should leave them be, me, you, Zayn, and Liam'll go!" Niall said, hugging me. 

"Alrigggght, I'm going to shower then!" I said, pecking his lips. 

"Don't be long babe, Zayn, Liam and I have to shower as well," I smiled and nodded, and messed up Zayn's hair as I walked by, earning a scowl, oh how he hates people touching his hair. 


I pulled on some light blue hot pants over top my see through tights with the pastel blue hearts on  them. On top I wore an over sized grey guns'n'roses t-shirt. I pulled the back of the shirt into a hair tie so it fit snug around my stomach as a crop top.  I let my hair air dry, and flicked my fingers through it, so the curls hung messily over my shoulders. I put on a bit of make up, but not too much, considering it was hot, and I was just with the boys. I took one last look in the mirror, and stepped out of the bathroom. Pretty good for 30 minutes, if you ask me. Niall wolf whistled at me, and I smiled, looking at the ground.

The rest of the boys showered, and got ready, while I sat, and chatted with Louis and Harry. We talked about everything, and I hugged them goodbye, and pecked them on the cheeks as Liam, Zayn, and Niall appeared through the door to the kitchen. We all got in Zayn's car, and I called shotgun, sliding in next to Zayn in his black, Bentley Continental GT. We arrived at Six Flags, and went right for the biggest ride. The Bizarro. Of course this was Zayn's idea, and since Niall ate, like, the entire amusement park, he didn't even get on, and I ended up sitting with Zayn, while Liam watched Niall, to make sure he didn't eat everything else. I got so scared, that I grabbed Zayn's hand, and dug my nails into the back of his thumb. He just removed his hand from mine, and rubbed my back, with the other hand of his in the air. 

When we got off the ride, I ran over to Niall, and hugged him, wrapping my arms around his waist, trying to steady myself. He rubbed my back for a bit, then grabbed my hand, to keep me from not falling over, and we walked on. 

It was getting late, and we got on one last ride before leaving to go back to the campsite. We decided to go on the carriages (also known as a ferris wheel), because it was lit up, and looked so pretty. It sounds like a cliche, but it started raining, and the system shorted, sticking Niall, and I on the very top. The rain chilled me right to the bone, and I moved closer to Niall, as he wrapped his arm around me.

"Niall?" My voice was barley audible.

"Yes babe?" He asked, pressing his lips to my temple, giving me butterflies. 

"I love you," The words slipped off my tongue, and I was exposed. Fragile, waiting for his reply.

"I love you more," It felt like years before he replied, and his words washed relief over me. I could stay here forever. Doing that all over again. 

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