Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


1. No reward


       I shivered. I'd been standing on these steps forever, singing my heart out, and practically begging for money. London's weather was finally getting to me, and the fog was closing in. I bent over and picked up my black bowler hat. Well, that's exhilarating. A piece of gum, a quater, the gums wrapper, and a tooth pick. How wonderful, eight full hours standing in trafalgar square, and this is what I end up with. My feet were hurting to no end, and my voice is already going. Maybe I just need a little something extra in my preformances. I mean, clearley just trying to sing over all the noise in the square, wasn't making the cut.

      I  got shook out of my deep, never ending thoughts, by someone wacking right into me. Oh god, could this day get any worse? Yes. It could. It was the guy I had been crushing on, since grade school. Not only was it the guy I was crushing on, but his player of a friend, who had no boundaries, and they were more than likley the most adored boys in my highschool. Cadence, Cade for short, looked up from him chat with Brett. Cade half smiled at me, but he wasn't trying to be nice, he was trying to get away from me as quick as possible.Even though I had liked Cade for years, he was still a total dunce. He was never actually decent to me, but he was gorgeous. He had brown hair that swooped down, just over his bright blue eyes. He had abes and strong arms, but that was all he had going for him. Brett was tall, handsom, but too much of a player for me, and I was too shy to deal with that sort of thing. I nodded curlty, and walked on. I was in my last year of highschool, and I was graduating in less than a month.

     I lived with my grandmother, since my parents had passed. I was too young to know what had happened, how, and when. I didnt really ask any questions to Gran. She was old, and I knew she wasn't going to be around much longer. Once she passed on, I would be left to fend for myself. Even now, we were low on money. She was collecting money from her retirement, and we got some of my parents money, but my parents weren't exactly drowned in diamonds before they died, and most all of their money had already been spent. I had been awared that when Gran died, her retirement money would be cut off, and I would be left with Mom and Dad's money, and whatever I could make on my own, so I never really bought anything expensive. It was 12:00 when I opened the front door of mine and Gran's small flat. She was already asleep, and would've been for five hours now, though she probably tried to wait up for me, but dozed off. I tip toed into my room, and slipped off my clothes I had been wearing since 4:00 this morning, and into my pink pajama shorts, and a white tank top. I was trying to think of more ideas for my performance tomorrow, but dozed off....

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