Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


5. Flashing Lights, and Last Goodbyes



           I decided to take a break from traf square. Having to travel an hour every morning at four o'clock is way too tiring. Besides, I wanted to focus on trying to learn guitar. The first lesson went pretty well. I learned a couple easy chords, and I've been practicing. Niall and I have been growing closer. We hangout all the time, and he's a really really great friend. Earlier today we agreed to go to Fino, in London for dinner. I wasn't planning on dressing very fancy, and neither was Niall. I figured as much though, we were just friends. I dressed in a black skirt, and a pink chiffon shirt. I slipped on some silver flats, to match the spikes on the shirt. I curled my hair here and there, and put on some mascara, and eyeliner, with tiny wings. Wings looked alright on me, but I can never get them even. 


      NIALL'S P.O.V

          I threw on some beige khaki pants, a black shirt, and a grey cardigan. I slipped on my white sneakers and combed through my hair quickly. I quickly texted Brinley to ask if she was ready, and sure enough, she was. I hopped in my range rover, and started off towards her house. I turned on the radio, and cranked it up. But I caught the ending of Daylight- By Maroon Five, and the news report started. The familiar voice, of the normal women news broadcaster filled my ears. I had it turned all the way down, but when I caught a bit of a familiar sounding street, I turned it up. I zoned out thinking about where I'd heard the street, when I got another bit of information... A last name. Meyers. My foot seemed to gain five pounds, as the gas pedal hit the floor. Meyers, Brookfield Rd, Meyers, Brookfield Rd. My mind was racing, I prayed she wasn't hurt, please please don't be hurt. I got to the end of the street, and took too sharp of a turn, causing only two of my wheels to stay on the road. I jumped out of my drivers door, and raced for the house. On my way in the fucking cop put his arm out in front of me and wouldn't let me in. I screamed for them to let me in, but to know avail. I sat on the curb, and waited, and waited, and waited.. Finally Brinley stepped out. Thank you lord. 

"Niall!" She screamed when she saw me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She looked so hurt. She was always laughing, and now it looked as if she had died inside. Tears ran down her face, followed by her mascara. Her hair stuck to her face, and her head was facing toward the ground, as she ran towards me. 

"Hey, hey, love what happened? Shh, calm down babe, shhh," I felt so bad, whatever had happened must have been tragic, for the time I'd known her, she had been strong. She's told me about her parents, and not once did she shed a tear. 

"Sh- She's gone, Niall, I came downstairs af- after you texted me, and she was gone, on the couch. I touched her face, it was so cold.." she trailed off. Who was she tal- oh no. Her grandmother. That was the only family member she had left. 

"Oh, love, shhh, it's gonna be okay, shh," I was trying to calm her down, I didn't know what to do. She wasn't naive, I couldn't tell her everything was alright, she knew it wasn't. She didn't have enough money to pay for the mortgage on this house. Guess her learning guitar was her plan for that. 

"Ca-can we go to yours? I really can't sleep here tonight, Niall," Her voice was so small, almost quieter than a whisper, it brought tears to my eyes. I held her by my side the entire way to the car, and didn't take my hand off her shoulder the entire ride home. I sat on the couch with Brinley in my arms the entire night, trying to get her to sleep, but with no luck, the flashing lights had scarred her. 



SUPRISED? HOPE SO! Since this chapter we said goodbye to Grandma Meyers, I'd like to add a new character. I would love if you guys would come up with characters and comment them below. Whether the character is you or not, does not matter, but make sure you add lost of detail (ex. Appearance, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, name, background, and anything else you would like to add). Make sure you're a fan, and have Favorited and liked "Played your way into my heart". Thanks you guys! Xx:) 


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