Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


6. Confused


                     BRINLEY'S P.O.V

       I wasn't really aware of my surroundings. I think I was still in shock. I knew I was with Niall. But that's about it. All week I just sat on the couch all week, and let Niall feed me. 

      "Bri, are you okay hun?" I just looked at him and nodded. Then I started thinking about gran again, and the tears started to roll down my face. 

      "I'm sorry babe, shh, come here" He pulled me into him, and snuggled me. It was nice to have someone there for me. Ever since school ended, I was focused on Niall, and not Gran. If I had tried to help her, she'd still be here. Suddenly I felt angry, like it was his fault. I pushed him away. 

       "No, get away from me" I whispered. He looked at me surprised.

       "I was too busy with you to even focus on Gran... If I hadn't met you she'd still be alive. It's your fault!" I yelled. 

       "N-no, Brinley, don't do this, I'm sor-" he started before I cut him off. 

        "I'm leaving, give me my stuff" I said. 

       "But Brinl-" I was leaving with or without my stuff. 

       "Fine, I'll get someone to pick my stuff up!" I screamed. 

       Before I could go anywhere he grabbed me and tried to hug me.

      "Brinley, it wasn't my fault, you're just in shock, there was nothing you could do about your Gran" He whispered softly.

 I didn't want to hear him. I wanted to leave, I turned to go but he grabbed my arm, and wouldn't let me leave. 

     "You're staying Brinley" he demanded.

      "No I'm not!" I fired back at him.

         I ran out of Niall's flat and onto the road. I had absolutely no where to go. Then I vaguely remembered Niall programming the boys numbers into my phone. I didn't really want to disturb any of them, but I had no where to go. I scrolled through my contacts. I clicked on Zayn's number, and rang him. 

     "Hello" he answered.

     "Hey, uhm... it's Brinley.." I said shyly.  

    "Oh, heey, what can I help you with love?" he said sweetly. 

    "Uhm, are you in Niall's area?" I asked him. 

    "Yeah, actually, just down the road, why? " he sounded confused. 

    "Well, Niall and I got in a fight, and it was all my fault, we yelled at each other, an-" he cut me off.

    "I understand, I'll be right there, you outside Niall's?" He asked, clearly getting that it was urgent. 

    "Block away actually, thanks Zayn... It means a lot" I smiled.

     "No problem Brinley" and he hung up. 

     I sat on the curb and waited for Zayn to show up in his black Honda Civic. I knew he wouldn't take long, so I quickly took out my phone, and checked for messages. None from Niall, but one from.... Cade? What? I didn't bother to text him back, I had figured it was just a prank or something. Before I knew it, Zayn was there. I climbed in the front seat and smiled at Zayn. I knew Niall was worried, he wasn't even going to let me leave. 

   "So, uhm... How did this fight start with Niall?" He asked slowly, but I didn't mind telling him. Zayn had hung out with me and Niall a few times before, and he was very nice. 

   "I- well, Niall was distracting me from Gran, and I kind of got angry, then he wouldn't let me leave, and I well, called you" I stuttered. 

   "Oh, well, I see where you're coming from, Brin" Zayn calls me Brin, Niall calls me Bri, and Louis calls be Brinley. I haven't really talked to Harry or Liam, they keep to themselves when we all hangout, or the few times that we had befo- Brinley stop. 

   "I don't really know if we were going out, I mean, I know we were kind o-" Zayn cut me off again, he sure likes to do that.

   "According to Niall you were, or at least that's how it sounds, he never stopped talking about you" Zayn glanced at me, then turned back to the road. 

   "Well if we were, it ended sooner then we anticipated" I mumbled. He didn't hear me, or maybe he pretended not to, but  either way, he moved on with the conversation. 

   "Well, I'm guessing you don't want to be dropped off at your old house..Do you want to come to my flat? The rest of the boys are there, Niall might be bu-" This time I  cut him off. 

    "I can come, but I'll just stay with you, I don't think I should really be associating with him after what just happened" I smiled at Zayn, and he smiled back, thank god for him, or I'd still be out on the street. 

    We got to Zayn's flat, and all the boys were already there. Including Niall. I sat across the living room, in my own chair away from everyone else. I think they were watching The fast and the furious, considering that all I saw were car chases. I got up to go to the kitchen. Bad Idea Brinley. Niall hadn't been in the living room when I was. As I stepped into the kitchen I realized where he'd disappeared to. I went to walk out of the kitchen when he called out to me. 

    "Brinley wait" he yelled. 

    "Hey, Niall, look, I get it, I'm glad we're on the same page, I'm sorry about earlier, seeya around" and with that I ran out into the living room, almost in tears, and sat next to Zayn. I glanced up at Zayn, and then back at the tv. 

    "Hey, uhm, can I go chill in your room? I just ran into Niall in the kitchen" I whispered to Zayn. 

     "Sure, you know where it is?" He asked me quietly. I glanced down the hallway, and saw Harry exiting the bathroom. 

     "I'll ask Harry, he's already up" I whispered, and gave him a small hug, before getting up and starting down the hallway. 

     "Hey, uhm, Harry" I called after him. He looked back and saw me, slowing down, allowing me to catch up. 

     "Hey, what's up?" He asked.

     "Nothing, uhm, would you be able to show me where Zayn's room is? I'm gonna go chill in there for a bit, I think" I whispered the entire sentence as if Niall could be around any corner at any moment. 

      "Yes, but Brin, why are you whispering?" He said the end of his sentence like I had said mine, Wait? Brin? Oh well, he must have heard Zayn say it. 

      "Niall and I got into a fight, and I'd rather him not follow me, or there'll be mascara all over Zayn's sheets" I answered bluntly. 

      "Oh, alright, follow me" I did as he told me, and followed him to the end of the hall. We stopped at an ajar oak door and I stepped in gaping at it, before I turned to thank Harry. I sat on the bed, and looked around, before laying back, and using my phone. I turned on my side, and before I knew it, I was asleep.  


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