Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


8. Camping....


                  BRINLEY'S P.O.V 

     Zayn was feeling better, and thank god for that, because we didn't have very long to get ready. It was already 7:00, and the boys were leaving in the R.V at 10. Zayn contacted Niall, who apparently left with the boys right after he checked on me, and apparently Niall was going to bring my stuff. Zayn packed, and even though I was waaay shorter than him, I had to get on a stool, and help him get stuff off high selves because of his back. I stood on the stool, and reached for the last shirt he was going to pack. As I stepped off the stool, Zayn removed his hand from the small of my back. 

     "Sorry about your back.." I mumbled to Zayn, I still felt really, really bad.

     "Brin, it's fine, it doesn't hurt anymore!" Zayn lied.

     "Then why was I on a ladder getting your clothes" I poked him in the stomach in a playful, yet friendly way. 

     "Because I said so," he took out his phone, and checked the time, "We'd better get going, it's 9:15, and it'll take a good 20 minutes to get to Harry's flat," I nodded at Zayn, and jumped up to hug him, careful not to hurt his back. He was surprised at first, but hugged me back.  

     "Thank you so much for everything, I don't know what I would of done.." I mumbled in Zayn's ear.

     "No problem, Brinley, I don't mind at all, I'm always here if you need me," He let go of the hug, and smiled at me. I smiled at him.

     "Thanks, Zaayn..We should probably go now," I laughed and pulled Zayn by the arm toward the front door. 

      We got in the car, and sat for ten minutes blasting music, and singing along, when I felt a tickle on my leg. I looked down, and saw a spider crawling up my leg towards the hem of my shorts. 

       "AGHHHH," I screamed trying to swat the spider that landed on the floor. Zayn looked at me and furrowed his eyebrows.

       "What's wrong Brin?!" He asked bewildered by my outburst.

       "ZAYN, PULL THE CAR OVER THERE'S A SPIDER!" I screamed. Zayn laughed at me, and slowed down, pulling the car over to the side of the road. 

       "Relax, the spiders only as big as my pinky nail," Zayn said swatting it, and holding his pinky out for me to see. 

       "Yeah, well I've hated spiders since I was little and-" I didn't want to talk about my brother, "and, uhm, YOU HAVE BIG HANDS" I made up on the spot. 

       "Uhm, Brin? My hands are just a little bit bigger than yours.." He said, laughter in his voice. 

Phew, he didn't ask me about Matt.

***************3 HOURS LATER AT THE CAMPING SPOT************

       "And then, milk shot out of my nose, that's how hard Niall made me laugh!" Harry exclaimed, telling yet another one of his drunk stories.  

      "Well, I think I'll be off then, I gotta shower, and go to bed, I'm getting a bit tired," I said yawning. I gave all the boys hugs, except for Niall, who I looked at and kind of smiled, kind of frowned. 

      "Seeya tomorrow" the boys said in unison

       I got in the shower, and let the water wash away all my confusion. I didn't know what to do about Niall, and I, but considering I was spending a week and a half with him, or them, I couldn't be completely cold. I reached for the shampoo bottle, and my hand collided with another spider. What the actual crap?! But this one wasn't the size of Zayn's pinky, this one was absolutely huge!

        "Z-ZAAAAYN!" I screamed, holy shit holy shit. The door slowly started to open, and I jumped out of the shower, and quickly rapped the towl around myself. 

        But the eyes that met mine were not chocolate hazel like Zayn's, they were electric blue. 

        "Zayn's outside, What d-" He stopped his sentence, realizing I was just in the shower. 


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