Played your way into my heart

They say the best way into a girls heart is music, and maybe they're right. In my opinion, it takes more that just that.. but music meets you half way..


10. Broken


                          BRINLEY'S P.O.V

 The ride finally started again, but in a weird way I wish it hadn't. I wanted to freeze that moment in a frame and stay like that. Our carriage came 'round last, and we were finally let off. Niall stepped out before me, and held his hand up for me to take. As I went to jump, my ankle caught between the safety bar, and the door, and I heard a crack. Before Niall could react, I landed on the ground, and skinned both my knees out. 

 "Oh my god babe, are you alright?" Niall asked, gently trying to get my foot loose. I winced in pain,  and gritted my teeth. My knees were skinned out and red with blood, while my ankle was twisted the opposite direction it should be. 

 "Niall, my ankle, ca- can we go to the doctor?" I stuttered. 

 "Yes babe, of course, oh my god, shh, don't cry," The tears were streaming down my face, but his voice was soothing. It was the last thing I remembered before I went comatose. 

**********************2 AND A HALF HOURS LATER AT NIALLS FLAT********************************

"Wake up babe, wake uuuuup," I slowly opened my eyes, and found bright blue ones boring into them.

"Mmmmm, hey babe," I quietly said in a groggy voice. As I sat up to kiss him, a sharp pain shot up my leg, and I immediately fell back onto the couch. 

"Shhe, lie down babe. You broke your ankle, we just got back from the hospital, and you need t rest," Niall said, brushing a piece of hair behind my ear. 

"Does that mean I don't get my kiss?" I asked cheekily. He leaned down closer to me. 

"Absolutely not," he said, before he pressed his lips against mine. 

"Get some rest now babe, we're getting you some crutches for tomorrow, but for now, we'll just watch movies, and relax, how's that sound?" He whispered, smiling down at me. 

"It sounds great," I said, pulling him down, so he was lying next to me. 

"Mmmmm, we haven't done this in a while," I said snuggling closer to him. 

"What d'you mean?" he asked.

"Just me and you, watching movies, talking, I've missed it," I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, "It's been since Gran passed," I immediately regretted bringing it up. 

"Yeah, it's been a while," He said, sighing, as he wrapped his arms around my waist. 

"I'm so sorry about what happened," I started, he tried to cut me off, but I wouldn't let him. 

"No, I have to apologize. Yes, I was still in shock, but I never should of treated you like that. I never should of left. You stayed with me, and helped me, and the first time I got upset, I flipped. I don't deserve you, I don't, but I'm sorry, I'm truly, so, so sorry babe," I whispered, crying the entire time. 

"Brinley, stop. I know you were going through a lot, and yes it hurt when you left, but I knew you'd come back. You deserve much more than me, but the fact that it's me you want, makes me ecstatic, I love you," His words took me by surprise. He said he loves me. Reply, quick tell him you love him!

"I love you too babe," and with that, the tears were gone, and we fell asleep in each others arms, peaceful, and happy as ever.



*********************************LATE THE NEXT MORNING****************************************

        BRINLEY'S P.O.V

 I woke up to the theme tune of sponge bob square pants quietly playing from the telly. I shifted my body so I was lying on my side, and laid eyes on a note, written out in neat hand writing, that sure as hell wasn't Niall's. I reached over and picked it up, my eyes flicking from left to right as I read. 

It read: 

            "Goodmorning, love. Niall, the boys, and are gone to pick up your crutches (Zayn wanted to stay home in case you needed anything), ya clutz! By the time you wake up, we'll already be on the way home, you lazy ass! Harry made breakfast, it's in the fridge, hope you feel better! Call Zayn's cell if you need anything, he's upstairs, we won't be long, xx:) 

                                                                                                               Lots of love, Louis xx:)

After reading the note, I realized how hungry I was. I decided to take Louis up on that, and call Zayn to get me some of Harry's amazing food. I took out my cell phone, and dialed Zayn's cell. He answered after three rings, and I giggled, hearing his voice both upstairs, and over the phone. 

"Heeey, Zayn!" I said.

"Oh, hey, Bri, you up?" He asked sounding surprised. 

"Yeah, uhm, the boys left a note, said there was breakfast in the fridge, could you, uh-" He cut me off as he laughed.

"I'm on my way down love," was the last thing he said, before hanging up the phone, and jogging down the steps. He quickly appeared at the bottom of the stairs, and walked over to the couch. 

"Don't you look awful!" He said, jokingly, winking at me. 

"Screw off," I said, laughing, as I looked in the living room mirror at my reflection. I looked like shit. 

"Haha, calm down, ya want something to eat?" He asked sitting down by my feet. 

"Yes, please! But I don't want to sit out here, it feels like I'm bed ridden," I said pouting. 

"Well that's cus you are. Well at least until the boys get home," he said laughing at me.

"Zaaaaaaaayyyyn," I whined.

"What do you want me to do? Piggy back you around the house?" I smiled at this suggestion, and he sighed. 

"You know you're extremely lucky that the boys and I love you," he said, helping me onto his back. 

We, or he, walked into the kitchen, and he sat me down on the counter.  I looked at my foot, as Zayn went to the fridge to take out what I assumed was pancakes. Harry was the best at cooking pancakes. He heated the pancakes, and took out the syrup, and orange juice. Zayn picked me up again, this time bridal style, and sat me in one of the kitchen chairs. We ate and talked, and laughed. The pancakes were amazing, and it wasn't long until the boys were home. They came in the front door, and Niall had the crutches in hand. 

"Baaaaaabeeeee, we're hoooooomeeeeeeeeee!" Niall shouted, I smiled at the sound of his voice.

"Me and Zayn are in the kitchen!" I shouted back. 

Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry came into the kitchen, the crutches in Niall's arms. He smiled at me, and walked over, kissing me on the cheeks. 

"Do you want to try them out, babe?" Niall asked, rubbing my back. 

"Yep, wanna give me a hand?" I asked, reaching my hand out for his. He grabbed my hand, and placed the other hand on my lower back. I placed the crutches under my arm pits, and let go of Niall's hand, grabbing hold of the crutches. I let my fractured foot hang loosely above the floor. I put the crutches ahead of me, and took a few, well, steps, forward. It was easy, and I've had crutches before when I popped my knee out of socket. I started for the living room, and before I got very far, I felt Niall's hand on my back. 

"Slow down, Brin, I don't want you to hurt yourself," He said quietly to me. 

"Don't worry babe, I've used crutches before, I'm fine," I stopped long enough to kiss Niall on the cheek, and walked over to the couch. I sat down, and laid my crutches down beside me. Niall sat down on the couch, and pulled me to him, so I was sitting in his lap. He started humming "Keep you safe- JJ Heller" in my ear, and I smiled. 

The amazing moment was interrupted by my phone. A ringtone I hadn't heard in a while went off. I had changed it recently when I heard the song, because it reminded me of the bad things he'd done. Warrior- Demi Lovato. I almost started crying, but stole myself, and picked the phone up. I honestly didn't want to let anyone know what happened with Matt. After mom and dad died, Matt took his anger out on me. He'd throw me to the ground, and kick me, and hit me. He finally left for college, but Gran never found out. The memories stayed with me for the rest of my life. I picked up my phone, and answered quietly. 

"Ello," I said quietly.

"Bri? How are you?" He asked. He talked to me like nothing had happened. 

"Fine. What the hell do you want?" I asked coldly. 

"Geez, what's wrong with you?" He asked. He actually sounded fucking surprised. 

"I don't know, why don't you go all the way back to your teenage memory, find who you beat up, then, NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN," I had completely forgotten my surroundings, now all the boys were hearing my awful childhood. As soon as I hang up, the questions'll poor in. 

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