Not enough time

Harry is the popular boy, the one everybody loves, his best friend Louis and Zayn area always by his side, snickering at the ‘low lifes.’ But when he becomes friends with the school rejects things start to spiral out of control. And Niall and Liam think they can take matters into their own hands.
(The idea came from the book nineteen minutes so all idea/plot credit goes to Jodi Picoult!)


2. Part 2

“Can you hate someone for what they have done, but still love them for whom they had been?”


Nialls POV


“Yeah but your dad is a cop, I mean you could probably get away with anything.” I slightly stammered joining Liam on his twin bed.


“Not anything, I can still go to jail you know.” I shrugged. Liam was right, but there wasn’t really a point for this conversation anyways.


“Do you think they will act on their words?” Liam asked, shifting uncomfortably next to me. Best friend or not it was a touchy subject. I hated Harry for reasons he never told Liam, and it just made things worse with his two buddies.


“Zayn maybe, he seems like he would be one to fight. Louis is all talk. And i’ve known Harry since I could talk he couldn’t hurt someone if he tried.” As much hatred I had, it was true. There was no way he would ever hurt anyone.


Last year a sophomore accused Harry of tripping her in the hallway to gain points with the other boys. But even then, I don’t think he did it. I was the only one who believed him, and he didn’t even know it.


“Ready for hell?” I asked giving a small smile. He laughed at my expression and kissed his Mom goodbye.



The first few periods passed pretty quickly, and for a Tuesday morning I was really surprised. I hadn’t seen Liam since we made it to school, but I was hoping for the best and praying he didn’t get caught by anyone on the football team. He was easy to torment, and easy to push around.


He never fought back. Ever. One of these days I was going to fight back for him, and that day might be really soon.


“Hey Horan!” The familiar voice sent goosebumps down my arms. I rolled my eyes and stood toe to toe with none other than Harry Styles himself.


“What is it?” He smirked. Of course he would smirk, I could see Zayn quickly approaching and there would be no more nice talk from here on out.


“I seen you friend all bloodied up in the locker room earlier. Zayn really had it in with him.”


Awesome, he had caught Liam. And for whatever reason really done him in, apparently. He probably didn’t even deserve it, and he probably just stood there and took it. How was I suppose to explain this to his mother for the third time this month?


“What did he even do to you?” I asked my body instantly struck with anger.


“He was being a homo.” Zayn laughed at his own joke and practically bounced into the science lab. When I turned for some sort of feeling or expression off of Harry his eyes were connected with his white converse. Obviously upset. Well maybe if he didn’t stand around and watch people get the shit beat out of them he wouldn’t be so upset all the time.


“You left your jacket at my house.” Barely audible, he shoved the jacket in my direction. Following suit and walking into the lab.


I waited until Liam finally showed up. Instantly he just waved me too.


“There isn’t even any blood left. It’s fine.” He put his hand over his eye and made a comment that if he stayed like that all day, nobody would even notice he got punched. “I’ll just stay home tomorrow, wait for it to die down.” He added, patting me on the shoulder and motioning for me to enter the lab.


I couldn’t let him get tormented the way Harry let me get tormented. I wouldn’t let it happen, I was going to take matters into my own hands. I was going to help Liam.



As Niall stood outside of the place he once loved as a kid, he thought back on the things he really loved.


He felt his stomach turn when the only two things that could come to his mind were Harry and now Liam. He regained thought that Liam wasn’t going to be at school today and started towards the front steps. A group of girls scoffed at his presence and then went back to whatever conversation they had been having, doubtful if it was intelligent at all.


Niall had one thing to do today and he was going to do it.


He sat on his small bed last night and asked for forgiveness, although he never really believed in a God so he wasn’t sure what he was praying too. His parents weren’t home as usual, and he had no siblings to turn to.


Maybe if Harry had stood up for in when they were younger things would not be this way. He wouldn’t be ashamed to be who he was. He wouldn’t be so sad all the time. And he wouldn’t be scared to go to school everyday.


But he wasn’t scared today.


Butterflies he was used to. What he was experiencing as he walked up the solid steps to the front of the school was not butterflies. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t think of an animal to compare them to— pterodactyls maybe. All he knew was they wouldn’t stop moving. They were making his stomach turn. They were making him feel sick.


And right then his mind turned to Liam. His face bloody and beat. And he wasn’t scared anymore, he wasn’t going to be sick, he was going to make things right.


He hand curled against the cool medal in his over sized sweaters pocket, he took a shaken breath and entered the school.

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