Not enough time

Harry is the popular boy, the one everybody loves, his best friend Louis and Zayn area always by his side, snickering at the ‘low lifes.’ But when he becomes friends with the school rejects things start to spiral out of control. And Niall and Liam think they can take matters into their own hands.
(The idea came from the book nineteen minutes so all idea/plot credit goes to Jodi Picoult!)


3. Final

“I know how difficult it can be when the image you’ve had of something doesn’t match its reality; when the friend beside you turns into a monster.”


Harry’s POV


“It was rude what you did to Liam.” I was surprised that I had found my voice. I’d just sat back next to Zayn my voice caught rumbling around in my head. But it wasn’t fair. He shouldn’t of done what he did, then again I shouldn’t of let him.


“Whatever man, what are you friends with the homo?” His words were thick venom. That is how Zayn worked. He did what he wanted to get what he wanted. He didn’t care, sure he was probably a really good person, but he cared more about the persona he had to uphold.


“Forget I even said anything.” I scoffed it off, my eyes following Louis as he took the seat next to me.


“Lighten up Harry. No pigs or homos to work with today.”


Just as I was about to retaliate towards Louis for whatever reason, because I was just digging myself in a hole there was a loud pop. Like someone had popped a hundred balloons at once.


Mr. Walker was out of his seat faster than I have ever seen him move. His hands settled on each side of the door frame. Quickly his knuckles turned white and his hands fell. His voice dropped to a whisper as he pleaded to someone. ‘Please don’t’ and ‘Why’ were all I could make out, before there was another loud pop. Mr. Walker dropping to the classroom floor.


“Someone has a gun!” A shrill came from near Mr. Walker, a girl i’d never even heard speak before. A gun? Like a shooter in the school? This was unreal, it wasn’t really happening was it?


I felt Louis squeeze my elbow, but he didn’t speak. I watched as his mouth dropped and his eyes went wide, i’d never seen him so scared. And when I turned back to where Mr. Walker was laying lifeless on the floor I knew why.


Niall Horan. He stood tall and strong as he stepped over Mr. Walker, with a gun in his hand.


I muttered a ‘Jesus’ and began to move with the class towards the far wall. This was it. He was taking revenge on the school and if there was anyone in the school who deserved to get shot, it was me.


“Zayn.” Nialls voice was hoarse, stern. “Come here.”



I flashed Zayn a look, just barely locking eyes before he stood up and started towards Niall. Of course he would pick Zayn first, Zayn had been the one to humilate Liam yesterday in the locker room. And not just yesterday either, every day since he moved to this god forsaken school.


“Why do you hate Liam. Just tell me. Why do you do those horrible things to him?” Niall punctuated each word, thrusting his arm forward in Zayns direction the gun wobbly and fitted.


Maybe if Zayn just tells him the real reason, Niall will stop. He’ll give it up, realize what he is doing is completely insane.


“I-I just I..” Zayn sputtered on his words, his head shaking violently.


“Is it because he’s smaller than you. Because you’re a terrible person. Because you don’t care that you are ruining someones life everyday!” Nialls voice was instantly risen. Sharp and rugged.


Zayn muttered a ‘yes.’ As if he though that was what Niall wanted to hear.


Niall shook his head and let out a chuckle. “Wrong answer.”




Quickly the room erupted in screams, our classmate, friend dropped to his knees and then caught himself down to all fours. Blood instantly covered the floor around Zayn, soaking through his shirt and into his pants.


“Louis.” Niall spoke again. Not phased at all that Zayn was lying at his feet gasping for air.


Louis didn’t budge he just slumped further into the crowd of people. He was too scared to move forward. He wasn’t as brave as Zayn, and I know I should have been the one to protect Niall all those years ago. But I was sure I had to protect Louis was him now.


“Niall stop. You can’t do this.” I sucked in a breath and waited for him to say something. Anything.


“Can’t I? I’ve been tormented for years. Had my life taken away from me. Why should they get to keep theirs?” I guess he was right. Not very realistic, but right. But taking a life of friends and happiness is different than taking a physical life.


“You can’t hurt him. He’s my best friend. I know that doesn’t mean anything to you, but it means something to me.” I rummaged through my brain to find something that would pang Niall. “And I mean something to you don’t I?”


Almost instantly his eyes filled with tears and he let out a muffled sob. His arm clearly heavy and his chest heaving.


“You’re right.” He made eye contact and whimpered. Dropping his arm from it’s current stance, and pointing it into his chest. Before I could stop what was happening he pulled the trigger, his body dropping.


“Niall!” Quickly my heart dropped my legs leading for towards him. My hands cupping his face.


I guess he was always my best friend. He would of always been there for me. He would have always done anything for me. And I betrayed him. So as I put pressure against his wound I cried, tears from the last few years.


Tears of agonizing pain. My chest literally heaving with guilt. I had done this. I had killed the fun loving, intelligent, beautiful boy I had once known. I now I may have physically killed him.


The shock went through my body, my hands covered in his blood, his body covered in my tears.


“I’m so sorry. I would change it, Niall I would. But I can’t and i’m so sorry.”


So maybe he didn’t hear me. And maybe his breathing had stopped minutes before, but I meant what I had said. I couldn’t make myself detach myself from his lifeless body, but they could.


And I dropped all ambitions as Louis pulled me off of him. Steadying me against Zayn, his shoulder still bleeding immensely. I muttered apologies until we were out of sight, out of the school.


If I could turn back time, I would.

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